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Item Pages Reverted

February 16, 2010

Due to merchant feedback regarding the slow speed of the new item pages we have temporarily reverted back to the older style item pages.  StoreSecured development staff is working to speed up the page significantly before the page is again set as the default for editing/adding items.

In the meantime please feel free to pass along any other feedback from your experience working with the new item pages.  As always we love to hear from our customers.  These pages are still available for your viewing and use from Inventory–>Items–>New Item Edit Pages

New Imports Added for Item Quantity and Attributes

February 15, 2010

4 new imports/exports have been added:

Attribute Import/Export

  • Allows the import of attributes for all items with the ability to set any criteria that you can set from the attribute edit screen.  Also includes the export of all attributes.

Item Quantity Update Import

Item Attribute Quantity Update Import

Item Attribute Intersection Quantity Update Import

  • The quantity update imports allow the merchant to change the existing quantity in stock by adding or removing items.  This is helpful in cases where you receive a shipment of new items and do not necessarily know how many items are already in stock, also useful to update stock while orders are being placed in realtime without the need to know current quantity on hand.
  • For example, I receive 3 red shirts into my warehouse.  I can tell the store I have 3 new red shirts and it will update the current stock on hand without needing to figure out how many shirts in total are now on hand.
  • The quantity update imports are available at the item, attribute and attribute intersection level so that you can change the quantity for a single item, a certain color or size or even a certain size and color together.

Presidents Day Holiday Support Hours

February 14, 2010

StoreSecured will be operating on a limited schedule for the Presidents Day Holiday, Monday February 15th.

Phone support will be closed

Live Support open 7am-4pm PST

Normal support hours will resume on tuesday February 16th.

Item Edit Default Page Changed

February 13, 2010

The default selection for the item edit pages has been updated.  The new item edit pages are now the default selection for all stores.

The old item edit, add, import pages will be available at Inventory–>Items–>Old Item Pages until March 13th, 2010, after that time we will no longer support the old item pages.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new pages if you have not yet done so.

This change was made in accordance with the item edit transition post.

Order Details Page Enhancements

February 10, 2010

The following enhancements were recently added to the order details page for store admins:

  • Added the ability to click on the customer id on the order details page to go directly to the customer edit screen
  • Added the ability to click on the customers shipping email to compose an email
  • Added search orders by item name and item sku

New Feature for Shipping

February 9, 2010

Shipping can now be calculated based on the number of items in the order.

For example $5 per item.  Customer orders 4 items at $5 per item for shipping.  Total shipping cost would be 4 items x $5 = $20.

In addition we have added the ability to add rules based on the number of items.

For example 0-5 items shipping cost is $10, 6-10 items shipping cost is $15 and so on.

All other rules and fees for shipping are still available in addition to the above and all can be used in combination.   For instance a flat fee can be used in addition to number of items.  Or a weight fee can be used with a total fee and so on.  Rules can also be setup by country, state, zip code and much more, try it out today.

This new feature is applicable only to the new shipping methods.  To switch to the new way of calculating shipping please go to Shipping–>Settings and check the box labelled New shipping system.  Its important to note that shipping rules are not shared between the old shipping system and the new shipping system, so changes made to one area do not affect the other.

Advantages of the new shipping system over the old:

  • Create shipping methods based on a variety of different ways of calculating the fees and combine those.  Ie shipping based on flat fee, number of items, weight fee, total fee, per item shipping fee, etc.  In the old shipping method different ways of calculating shipping cannot be combined into one rule.
  • Create shipping rules based on state
  • Create a single shipping rule based on several zip code ranges instead of a single zip code range
  • Setup different realtime shipping rules for different geographic areas
  • Create shipping rules based on customer group
  • Show estimated rates for customers on the cart view
  • Add fees onto realtime shipping rates
  • And coming soon, shipping coupons
  • Plus everything you could do before

Important Note: The old shipping system (OSS) and the new shipping system (NSS) are 2 entirely different entities. The data is completely separate. We can’t merge the two. We have a program that will attempt to transfer all the methods of the OSS to the NSS. However, making a change in one shipping system won’t automatically transfer to the other.  If you are switching from one system to another and would like the existing shipping methods transferred which you can then review and enable please create a support request asking to have your shipping methods copied from the old to the new system.

Contest Winners Announcement

February 1, 2010

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest for free service.  We loved reading all of the great reviews.  Unfortunately only 2 stores can win.

The winners, by random draw are…

1st Place, 1 year free service

2nd Place, 1 month free service

The winners will be contacted via email and free service will be credited to their accounts.