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FedEx Realtime Rate Changes

January 6, 2013

The DLL used to communicate with FedEx has been updated to support the latest changes for real time rates.  Please note that with this new DLL change FedEx is returning different names for the different services, for instance …

New Names

First Overnight, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2 Day AM, 2 Day, Express Saver, Ground Home Delivery
Old Names
For users who are using FedEx realtime rates and excluding certain rates based on their names we have attempted to automatically update all merchant exclusions from the back-end to the new names from the old names so you should not need to do so.
Please also note that FedEx is also requiring the production key and password to return rates.  If this information is not included you will most not receive realtime rates from FedEx.

How to switch to the new shipping system

March 23, 2010

Did you know, its easy to switch to the new shipping system?

Do you want to use the new shipping system but don’t want to have to recreate all of your shipping methods?  Just place a support request asking to have your shipping transferred from the old to the new shipping area and we will transfer your current shipping methods for you.  We still recommend that merchants review their shipping methods after the transfer but this will get you going quickly on the new shipping system.  This will not impact your old shipping methods in anyway and you can switch back to the old shipping system if needed.

New Feature for Shipping

February 9, 2010

Shipping can now be calculated based on the number of items in the order.

For example $5 per item.  Customer orders 4 items at $5 per item for shipping.  Total shipping cost would be 4 items x $5 = $20.

In addition we have added the ability to add rules based on the number of items.

For example 0-5 items shipping cost is $10, 6-10 items shipping cost is $15 and so on.

All other rules and fees for shipping are still available in addition to the above and all can be used in combination.   For instance a flat fee can be used in addition to number of items.  Or a weight fee can be used with a total fee and so on.  Rules can also be setup by country, state, zip code and much more, try it out today.

This new feature is applicable only to the new shipping methods.  To switch to the new way of calculating shipping please go to Shipping–>Settings and check the box labelled New shipping system.  Its important to note that shipping rules are not shared between the old shipping system and the new shipping system, so changes made to one area do not affect the other.

Advantages of the new shipping system over the old:

  • Create shipping methods based on a variety of different ways of calculating the fees and combine those.  Ie shipping based on flat fee, number of items, weight fee, total fee, per item shipping fee, etc.  In the old shipping method different ways of calculating shipping cannot be combined into one rule.
  • Create shipping rules based on state
  • Create a single shipping rule based on several zip code ranges instead of a single zip code range
  • Setup different realtime shipping rules for different geographic areas
  • Create shipping rules based on customer group
  • Show estimated rates for customers on the cart view
  • Add fees onto realtime shipping rates
  • And coming soon, shipping coupons
  • Plus everything you could do before

Important Note: The old shipping system (OSS) and the new shipping system (NSS) are 2 entirely different entities. The data is completely separate. We can’t merge the two. We have a program that will attempt to transfer all the methods of the OSS to the NSS. However, making a change in one shipping system won’t automatically transfer to the other.  If you are switching from one system to another and would like the existing shipping methods transferred which you can then review and enable please create a support request asking to have your shipping methods copied from the old to the new system.