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October 29, 2014

Yesterday sent out an email to all merchants and partners indicating that a change will be made on November 4th to no longer support SSL3.  Many of our merchants have contacted us with questions/concerns etc about this and to make sure that they will be ok.


Please note that we are aware of the upcoming changes.  The POODLE attack patches have already been placed onto our servers.  We will also be completely disabling SSL3 this weekend just like and other large providers are doing.


No action or changes are required for StoreSecured merchants.  All charges will continue to function as normal after the November 4th change.

Express Checkout Item feature now available

October 9, 2014

Express Checkout functionality was previously available only at the department level (blog post at  Now Express Checkout is also available at the individual item level as well.  Express Checkout functionality allows a shopper to order many variations of an item while just hitting the add to cart button once. Item variations are listed and a quantity box is shown next to each item. There is only one add to cart button at the bottom of the item listing for all variations. The shopper can indicate which item variations to order by setting the correct quantity for each item and hitting add to cart.

This feature for single items is applicable for items with attribute choices.  Each individual attribute combination is shown as its own item to be added to the cart in express ordering mode.  For instance, a shirt with sizes small and medium and colors blue and red would be shown as four lines, shirt small blue, shirt small red, shirt medium blue and shirt medium red.  This method of ordering is useful for stores where customers generally order large numbers of different item variations and allows the user to make purchases without having to constantly go back and forth from the cart to shopping.

To activate express ordering for a particular item in your store go to the item edit screen for the associated item and check the box labelled express ordering under the options heading.  If you do not see the express ordering checkbox it can be enabled from the settings area.

To change the layout for the items in express ordering mode go to inventory–>items–>layout and choose the express ordering tab.

Alternatively express checkout mode can be activated on a particular item page temporarily by using the querystring ?EO=1.

Sample URL

Sample URL with express ordering added manually experiencing issues

October 8, 2014

Updated 5:00pm

As of 4:00pm has resolved their issue and we are no longer seeing errors reported for transactions.  Please double check your transactions from from between 2:18pm-4:00pm.

Original Post

We are currently experiencing issues with transactions.  All transactions sent to are being returned with an error message stating that the data is not yet ready.   We expect this issue will be resolved shortly by and transactions will resume as normal.  There is nothing that we can do at this time as this is an issue.  For now if you are using you may want to temporarily set your gateway to None to manually capture credit card numbers.

To temporarily change your gateway setup go to General–>Payment–>Gateway and select None from the drop down then hit save.

**Issues started at 2:18pm PST and were resolved by at approximately 4:00pm