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Google Analytics Support Added

January 25, 2011

StoreSecured now supports direct integration with Google Analytics. Google Analytics has some excellent statistics tracking tools and best of all its free. All you need to do to utilize this new functionality is:

Login to your StoreSecured account
Go to General–>Statistics Settings
Check the box for Enable Google Analytics
Enter your Google Analytics Tracking Code

If you already have a google analytics account here is a link to an faq about how to find out your tracking code number

If you do not have a google analytics account please visit to signup.

In your sites website profile please change the following:
Default page: store.asp
Exclude URL Query Parameters: Return_To, Shopper_Id, Cart_Empty, Message_Add, 1
Ecommerce website: Yes

Thats it, you should be ready to go now. Its important to note that Google Analytics takes about 24 hours to process the received data, so any purchases made and visits to your site will probably not show up in Google until the next day.

Technical Notes for special setups
StoreSecured will insert the tracking code automatically on all of the pages of your store and insert tracking code for purchases onto the receipt page. If you have regular straight html pages that are part of your site, or are hosting part of your site elsewhere and want to track the traffic between sites you will need to manually insert the tracking code on all pages not controlled by StoreSecured.

For users who are hosting a sales site elsewhere besides StoreSecured extra tracking and javascript codes are required for Google to be able to track visitors between hosts and different domain names etc. This is very advanced functionality and we do not recommend that anyone attempt this kind of integration unless you are very good at html, javascript etc. For more information on this advanced functionality of Google Analytics please visit the URL below:

Scheduled Maintenance Update

January 21, 2011

The planned maintenance database and internal security updates were successfull completed earlier this evening with a minimum amount of downtime for all sites.

The mailserver downtime was delayed due to some network delays and is currently in progress. We are sorry for the delay in starting this part of the maintenance. The mailserver downtime did begin at approximately 11:00pm PST and was completed just after midnight PST. Please note that this planned downtime will not cause any lose of mail, only the inability to retrieve that mail for a short period of time. Now that service is restored, mail that was sent/received during the scheduled outage will be on its way with a possible short delay.

If you experience any connection problems to the mail once service is restored this may be due to a cached DNS setting, to get around it you can temporarily connect from an alternate address like or using the ip address of in place of any references to NOTE: we only recommend this workaround as a temporary solution if you are unable to connect using the regular mailserver information.

Scheduled Maintenance Friday Jan 21st 9:00pm

January 18, 2011

Scheduled maintenance will be performed Friday January 21st at 9:00pm pacific time. The maintenance will consist of database updates, a mailserver upgrade, and internal security enhancements and will last approximately 1 hour.

During maintenance the sites may periodically show the user a maintenance message asking them to return after the maintenance is complete.

The mailserver will be temporarily unavailable for connections during the mailserver upgrade. Mail login and sending of new messages will not be allowed during the upgrade, however all incoming mail will still be collected for later retrieval.

USPS Realtime Changes as of January 2nd

January 2, 2011

USPS appears to have modified the names and functionality of their realtime shipping especially for international shipments. StoreSecured staff detected errors occurring on some realtime shipping transactions, especially those for international shipments starting at 2am Sunday January 2nd, 2011.

StoreSecured has updated our handling to support these new rate names and functionality for USPS international rates and all rate prices are being returned as normal.

We urge all merchants using the USPS realtime rate functionality to review your list of restricted rate options immediately. It appears from our investigations into this issue that USPS has added several new service names and modified other rate names. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a list of any rate name changes and never received any notice from USPS regarding these changes. The changes were detected only because we started to see differences in the data returned from USPS last night.