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Sales website to be updated

August 31, 2009

The design of our sales website will be updated within the next week.  A picture of what the new homepage will look like is included below for your reference.


List Views Enhanced

August 29, 2009

The following pages have been updated to include the following enhancements


-Design > Links > View Edit
-Design > Pages > View Edit
-General > Taxes > View Edit
-Shipping > Locations > View Edit
-Shipping > Methods > View Edit
-My Account > Admin Logins > View Edit
-My Account > Block IPs > View Edit
-General > Domain > View Edit
-Marketing > Banners > View Edit
-Marketing > Affiliate > Banners > View Edit


– Added ability to search by most columns
– When editing or adding a new record and going back to the list you will be returned to the page you left at
– Last search state will be saved until removed

File Manager Thumbnails

August 29, 2009

The file manager has been updated.  You can now create thumbnails at the same time that images are being uploaded.

Go to Design–>File Manager–>Upload

Choose the files you want to upload

Check the box to create thumbnails

Click on the button to upload the files

Your files will be uploaded an thumbnails will be created for each one

Best Practices for Images

August 25, 2009
  1. Optimize all images for the web to a maximum of 90% quality.  This will make the image filesize 50% smaller, load in half the time and take up less bandwidth, all without sacrificing quality or image size.
  2. Dont use any special characters.  Use only a-z, 0-9, underscore and dash.  Special characters can cause problems with some older browsers and are not worth the trouble.  It is not a good idea to use spaces, quotes etc in image names.  Use a dashes or underscores instead of spaces in image names.  Ie little-red-wagon.jpg, not little red wagon.jpg
  3. Organize images into folders.  This will allow for easier finding of images and later management.  We have found that putting images into folders by department generally works out very well.
  4. Use keywords in your image names to help with search engine placement.  A name like little-red-wagon.jpg is much better then 123ABC.jpg and will also help to remember what the image is for.
  5. Don’t resize the images on the webpage.  It is better to resize the image before placing it on the webpage as this will ensure that the image loads more quickly.  If you upload a image that is 800×800 pixels and only display it as a 10×10 image it will still take as long to load as if it were displaying at the 800×800 resolution.

Image Manager Updated

August 21, 2009

Design–>Files/Images is now Design–>File Manager.

The page has been expanded and upgraded to allow for more functionality and easier viewing of more files.

New functionality includes:

Ability to choose which folders and/or files to make thumbnails for

Ability to move multiple files from one directory to another

Uploading of multiple files at a time as many as you wish

Ability to delete multiple files or folders at once

Departments page updated

August 12, 2009

Please note that a new department management page has been added to the store admin.  The new page has the following enhancements:

Department import and export data format updated.

Import can now be scheduled for a later date or to occur at a regular interval for easy automatic updating.

Import can now be done from a url or by uploading a file.

Imports can now be done with only the required fields, all optional fields are not required to be in the file.  Any field not included will not be updated.

Exports can now be done with just certain columns included.

Exports can now be done to excel, tab delimited, or comma delimited file types instead of just tab delimited.

Export requests are now done in the background.  No need to stop other editing while waiting for a large export.

The department edit page no longer has a regular and advanced mode, instead we have added the settings link.  This link works the same as the one on design–>pages.  You can show or hide each individual field on the department page to suit your unique preferences for ease of editing.

The department grid now has searching capabilities.  Search for a particular department to limit the available list.

The department grid will now remember what page of the results you were on.  If you go to the edit page and then return to the grid you will be returned to the same page of the results.

If a search is enabled on the page and you later return to that page the last search will be reactivated.

If a parent department is removed, all sub departments will be moved up a level.

Help icons have been added to the add/edit department page for better understanding of what each field does.