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Important Changes – Blog Summary and Abandoned Purchase Email

May 22, 2013

Blog Summary Changes

The blog summary handling has been modified to include a separate summary field.  Merchants can now define a special blog summary which will be shown on the main blog page instead of the full blog post.  This replaces the previous handling where we were automatically cutting down the full blog post to 500 characters.  Automatically cutting the blog post was creating problems with invalid html on many blog posts due to html throughout the posts and tags no longer matching.  If no separate blog summary is given the entire post will be shown on the summary page.  To create summaries for your blog posts please visit the blog post edit screen, ie Design–>Blogs–>View/Edit

Abandoned Purchase Email

A check box has been added to the abandoned purchase email notification to alert the store admin about the abandoned purchase.   This email will automatically be sent, if it is enabled, at the same time that the email is sent to the customer about their purchase.  This allows the store admin to follow up with the customer if necessary.    To enable the admin notification go to General–>Email–>Notifications and look under the Abandoned Purchase Email heading.

New Features Available – Abandoned Purchase Email and Shipping Estimator Default

May 16, 2013

1) Abandoned Purchase Email

Functionality is now available to email customers who do not complete the checkout process after a certain number of minutes.   Note that this email can only be sent if a customer starts the checkout process and gives their email address.  If checkout is not started no personal information is known and no email can be sent.

To enable this feature go to General–>Email–>Notifications.  Scroll all of the way to the bottom of the page to the Abandoned Purchase Email.  Choose the number of minutes to wait till sending and create your automatic email.

2)  Shipping Estimator Default Address

Functionality is now available to define a default address to use for calculating shipping and taxes automatically in the shipping estimator.  Normal shipping and tax estimation is done after the customer enters their basic address information.  If the shipping and tax rates are generally consistent regardless of the customer address this new functionality is useful to automatically show the shipping and taxes without the need for customer entry.

To enable this feature go to General–>Cart Settings.  First the shipping estimator must be set to show, then you can choose to enable the default address and enter in the address to use.

Email Scheduled Maintenance

May 8, 2013

StoreSecured will be upgrading our email server software to the latest version of Smartermail this Sunday, May 12th at 9:00pm PST.   We expect the upgrade to be relatively quick with only a few short periods of downtime between 9-10pm PST.  During maintenance the email servers will, at times, be temporarily unavailable for sending/receiving email.  Any emails sent or receiving during any periods of downtime will automatically be received shortly after the maintenance is over.

Users who utilize our web mail interface will notice an upgraded web mail website with new features and functionality available.  If you do not use web mail you will not notice any difference in behavior.  We have been working very hard recently to increase the security and performance of our email server, add additional spam checking and increase the deliver-ability of client email.  This upgrade will allow us to stay up to date on our email security.   The newest version also includes a mobile browser optimized web mail for users with smart phones.

For an overview of some of the new features that will be available in the upgraded version of Smartermail please visit

A big thank you to all of the users who quickly upgraded their email passwords to be more secure last week.