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Unscheduled downtime

November 30, 2013

Between approximately 10 and 11 PM pacific time, Saturday night all StoreSecured services were unreachable.  This included email, ftp, manage and all stores.  We are still gathering information about what happened from our hosting provider but so far what we have found out is that it was a problem with the firewall.    The firewall has been power cycled and put back online and all services are now running as normal.

We are continuing to investigate this issue with our hosting provider to find out what exactly happened and why.  Further details will be posted here when they are available.

Scheduled Maintenance 11/9 10:30pm PST

November 9, 2013

StoreSecured will be performing the final hardware upgrade before the holiday season tonight 11/9 at approximately 10:30pm PST.   The downtime will last approximately 15-30 minutes and all stores and the admin interface will show a maintenance message.

During the maintenance

All stores and the admin interface will show a maintenance message for approximately 15-30 minutes.  Email and FTP will work as normal.  All stores will be put back online promptly as soon as the maintenance is completed.

Why is the upgrade required?

We are completing an upgrade to our capacity in preparation for the holiday shopping season including new faster server hardware.  This is the final planned maintenance period before the holiday season.

Bandwidth limits doubled for all merchants

November 4, 2013

Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Santa has come early this year.  Just in time for the busy holiday shopping season we have negotiated a new deal with our hosting provider to offer additional bandwidth for all of our merchants.  The new plan limits will take effect for the November billing cycle which is billed at the beginning of December.


Old Bandwidth 16 GB

New Bandwidth 32 GB


Legacy merchants, please visit the plan limits for legacy merchants help page for information on new bandwidth limits for your plan.


To change an existing bandwidth subscription based on the new limits please contact support via the help desk system.  Note: the extra 16 GB is equivalent to approximately 3 bandwidth subscriptions.