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New Email Password Requirements

May 31, 2012

Effective immediately all new email accounts created must follow the new password complexity requirements.

Effective June 25th all existing email accounts must be updated to use the new password complexity requirements.

New Email Password Requirements

Must not be the same as your username
Must be at least 7 characters
Must have at least 1 uppercase letter
Must have at least 1 lowercase letter
Must have at least 1 number
Must have at least 1 symbol, such as ` ! ? $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ – + = { [ } ] : ; @ ‘ ~ # | \ < , > . /

(these are essentially the same requirements as for PCI Compliance for the passwords for store management)

How can I update my password now?

  1. Login to webmail at
  2. Choose the gears icon on the far left hand bottom side for the Settings menu
  3. This will take you to the user settings screen where you can change your password
  4. Enter your current password and newly chosen password
  5. Select the Save button at the top of the page

Note that if you have multiple email addresses it is important to update the passwords for each.  Store owners, please ensure that all of your employees update their email passwords as well.

What happens if the password is not changed by June 25th?

Your account will continue to work and receive/send email even if your password is not updated by June 25th.  If your existing password does not meet the new complexity requirements then the next time you login to webmail after June 25th you would be prompted to change your password before you can continue.  We encourage all users to change their emails to meet the complexity requirements as soon as possible for your security and protection.  If you use a third party email client like Outlook, Eudora, your mobile phone, etc you will not see the password change message unless you login to webmail.

Why is this change necessary?

Recently a few of our customers have had their email accounts hacked because of passwords that were very easily guessed, ie a password that matched the username, a number sequence or a simple dictionary word.  A simple password makes it very easy for a hacker to gain access to your email account and use it to send unauthorized emails.  By using a more complex password you can ensure that hackers cannot access your email and protect yourself, your customers and the unsuspecting email account that the hacker might be sending spam to.

How to unsubscribe from feedback forum emails

May 15, 2012

Recently we have had some merchants asking how to unsubscribe from the feedback forum emails.


To unsubscribe

Go to My Account–>Feature Requests–>Feedback Forum

This will take you to the feedback forum

In the top right look for your name/store name, ie Signed in as x

Click on your name

Uncheck the box next to the emails that you do not wish to receive

Hit submit Gateway Issues

May 1, 2012

We have been detecting sporadic issues with the payment gateway today 5/1.  Some merchants and/or customers are receiving errors during processing/crediting or capturing funds.  Please note that this is an issue and there is nothing that we can do at this time except to wait for them to correct it.


We are seeing errors from such as:

Server returned error information for request

The operation timed out

The connection with the server was reset


You can see the status update posted by at the following url:


If you are an merchant you may wish to temporarily switch your payment gateway to no processor, this will simply capture your customers credit card numbers and you can manually process them later.  This will prevent customers from experiencing any of the above errors and you can re-enable the gateway later when they have the issue resolved.