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New Quickbooks functionality

February 11, 2011

StoreSecured is now certified for Advanced Integration with Atandras T-Hub product. This is a third party product which allows for direct integration from your store to a quickbooks file on a realtime basis. Ie orders are downloaded by T-hub and entered into quickbooks automatically. The T-hub product also allows for products to be added to your store directly from quickbooks.

T-HUB allows you to post online orders to QuickBooks, print shipping labels/packing lists, Update inventory from QuickBooks to your website.

The Benefits of using T-HUB:

•T-HUB offers 2-way QuickBooks integration for your online store.

•Order management – Fulfill online orders quickly by easily printing shipping labels with UPS/FedEx/USPS

•Complimentary solution to QuickBooks – T-HUB has all the features you need to handle ecommerce and yet retain QuickBooks for your Inventory/Accounting functions.

•T-HUB liberates you from integration challenges. Use the popular QuicBooks for your inventory/accounting function and leave the integration challenge to T-HUB.

For more information about T-Hub please visit

T-Hub settings

Shopping Cart = Quick Cart (StoreSecured is not in the list but this one uses the same setup)


Username and password = Your regular admin login and password (must be the main admin user)

Security Key = Your store id

Support added for new shopping feed services

February 11, 2011

Per merchant request we have now added support for additional shopping feeds including:


To enable any of the additional feeds for your store please visit Marketing–>Shopping Feeds. Please note that you must create an account with each of the feed services in order to use them and some require payments. Please review the policies of each shopping service at their associated website.

Item Attribute Sku changes coming

February 9, 2011

Beginning on February 14th, StoreSecured will be changing that way that we handle items with attribute skus defined. Currently these skus are only displayed in a special attribute sku column on the order details pages and are never exported or stored anywhere else. Beginning on February 14th the attribute sku if it exists will be appended to the item sku for purchases.

For example if you have an item with sku Wagon and attributes for colors Red and Black with attribute skus also defined as Red and Black. The old item sku column would of just been Wagon. The new item sku column will be Wagon|Red or Wagon|Black. If you have multiple attributes for an item that can be selected for instance Size and Color both with attribute skus defined the format will be as follows:
and so on where each attribute sku is separated by a comma.
Many of our merchants have never defined an item attribute sku. If this is the case for your store, ie you leave the attribute skus blank, this change will not affect you. Also for those merchants who do not use attributes, this change will also not affect you.

This change will only affect orders that are placed on or after February 14th. Any orders placed before this date will be unaffected. This change is being implemented to better support our merchants who need the attribute sku information to display on receipts and to be exported to third party systems.

Please contact support for any questions regarding this upcoming change.

Import/Export Service

February 8, 2011

StoreSecured is currently experiencing issues with the import/export service for all stores. The support and development teams are aware of these issues and are currently working to resolve the issues. Please note that any imports/exports requests at this time will receive an error. Once the import/export is again working we will re-run all failed requests and update the blog.

Service Update:
As of approximately 5:00pm PST the import/export service is again functioning as normal. We are continuing to test the issue at this time to determine the cause of the problem.