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Google and Robots.txt

October 28, 2011

Recently we have started getting questions from current merchants about a new error relating to the Google Product Feed.

The error states:

The submitted image URLs seem to be blocked by robots.txt. Google will not be able to display these images together with the products. Please change your robots.txt file to allow Google to download the image.

Please note that StoreSecured has always blocked all bots from crawling the images directory by default.  It now appears that if you are using the Google Merchant Feed that they want access to this area.  This is another new requirement by Google for their feed.  If you are affected by this and you want to allow Google to crawl your images it is an easy change.

What you need to do is to remove the following line from your robots.txt file

Disallow: /images/

Instructions on how to make this change are below or if you would like us to do it for you please post a support request asking to not have the images blocked in your robots.txt file.


Connect to your site via ftp

Go to the website_root directory

Download robots.txt

Remove the line referencing /images

Save the file

Using ftp upload it back to the same location, ie website_root

That’s it you are done

You can confirm it is now correct by going to and you should see your changes.

Feedback tab temporarily removed

October 12, 2011

The Feedback tab that you normally see on the left hand of your screen when managing your store has been temporarily removed.  We are currently in the process of moving to a new feedback system and the tab will be put back shortly.  In the meantime you can still access/change/manage your feedback by visiting my account–>feature requests–>feedback forum.

New Google Field Added…Availiability

October 10, 2011

The availability column is now available for editing and import/export for all stores.  Google is requiring this column for their google merchant center feeds, if you are not using the Google feeds then it is not necessary.

The default value for this column is automatic.  Automatic means that the store will automatically determine if the item is in stock or not based on the current quantity in stock.  All other values besides automatic will be sent directly to Google as is.

Accepted values:

  • ‘in stock’
  • ‘available for order’
  • ‘out of stock’
  • ‘preorder’

This field is now available for both import/export and editing from the item edit screen.  If you do not see this field available for editing you can enable it from the Settings link.

All feeds created going forward will use this new availability column and the data within.

Please direct all questions/issues etc regarding this functionality to our support staff via support request.

Item reviews functionality change effective tomorrow 10/7

October 6, 2011

The item review functionality will be changed effective tomorrow to remove the stars from the standard small item layout that displays just the item name and picture.   Several of our beta testers for the review functionality have indicated that this layout looks to busy with the stars included and therefore they will be removed.

If you are not using the item review functionality, not using a standard layout or not using the small layout with just the item name and picture this change will have NO impact on your store and you can ignore this notice.

No changes will be made to the item detail layouts.

To activate this change for your store just go to the item layout page and hit save and the change will then apply to your store.  If you are using this layout and have reviews enabled and do NOT wish to have this change applied to your store choose the custom layout and hit save, this will save your current layout.

Please note also that the stars can be removed or added to any small or detail item layout at anytime by using the custom layout and adding or removing the review keyword.

If you have any questions regarding this change please direct them to our support staff via a support request.

Google Merchant Center Feeds

October 6, 2011

We have received notice from a couple of our merchants that their google item feeds are now being rejected due to a missing required attribute in the feed.  The missing attribute in question is the availability attribute.  This is a new field that Google is apparently requiring for all merchant feeds.  The StoreSecured staff is working to quickly add functionality to allow merchants to define the items availability status either manually or automatically for inclusion in your google feed however this will take a day or 2 to complete.  In the meantime we have added the availability column to new feeds that are generated with a static value of instock for ALL items to ensure that new feeds are not rejected.


Once the new functionality is added for the availability field for Google Feeds we will alert all merchants via the blog so that you can set the field as necessary for all items.


Please direct all questions regarding the Google Merchant Center Feeds and the availability status column to our support staff via support request.