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Order Export New Field

September 27, 2011

Effective this Friday September 30th we will be adding an additional field to the end of the order export.  The new field name is Cancelled and this will display either a yes or no value depending on whether the order has been cancelled or not.

The expectation is that since this field is being added to the end of the order export it will not cause issues with existing integrations with the order export files.

If you believe that you will have a problem with this change and would like to discuss it further with our technical staff please create a support request.

Beta Testers needed for Item Reviews feature

September 13, 2011

StoreSecured is looking for merchants who are interested in being beta testers for our new item reviews functionality.

The item review functionality can be turned on from General–>Item Settings.   Set the radio button for Item Reviews to be enabled.

Once the item review functionality is enabled there are several other settings that can be customized for the reviews.

Under General–>Login Settings you can choose whether a user is required to login to submit reviews or not.

Under General–>Email Notifications you can choose the content sent to a user to request that they review a product and how many days after a purchase the email will be sent.

Under Inventory–>Items–>Item Layout you can modify where the reviews are shown in your item layout.   The OBJ_RATING_OBJ variable is used in the layout to determine where the reviews are shown.  By default this new variable is included in all default layouts but will need to be added if  you are using a custom layout.

The store admin will receive an email each time a new review is posted with the ability to remove the review if they determine it is invalid or spam etc.

Once reviews are added they can be viewed by your customers from the item listing information and admins can administer the reviews for a particular item from Item Edit–>Advanced section or view reviews for all items from Inventory–>Items–>Item Reviews.

We would love to hear your feedback on this new feature.  If you have any questions, comments or issues with the new functionality please submit a support request and we would be happy to help.