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Added New Edit Screen for Attribute Intersection Quantity

January 28, 2010

There is now a new way to edit the quantity in stock for your Attribute Intersection Quantities.  Previously the only way to change the quantity in stock was via an import,  you can now edit these quantities via an Edit screen.  To access this feature visit Inventory–>Items–>Attribute Intersection–>View/Edit.

For more details on the Attribute Intersection Quantity and what it is and how it works please visit the following link

Important Notes:

Adding new intersection quantities can still only be done via the import utility.

Only the quantity is editable from the screen.

Importing is still available for doing mass changes but the edit is a good solution for making only a few changes.

Reminder: One week left to win free yearly service

January 25, 2010

Just a reminder that the last day to enter the contest for one year of free service is January 31, 2010. Don’t miss out on your chance for a Free Year of Service at Storesecured!  For full contest information please click here

Win one year of Free Service!

January 18, 2010

Just go to any of the sites below and submit a review. Once you have submitted the review, send the link where your review is, plus your store id (we have to know who to credit) to:

For taking the time to do this, we will randomly draw one review for each of the following prizes:

First place: one year of free service at
Second place: one month of free service at

The contest begins on January 18, 2010 and ends on January 31, 2010. The winners will be notified by email one day after the contest ends and the winners will be posted in the blog.

This contest is limited to current customers only and free service will be added onto existing paid service.

Important: Item Edit Page Transition

January 15, 2010

Important Note:

Support for the old item pages will be removed effective March 13th.

As a first step the new item pages will become the default as of February 13th.  During this transition time the old item edit pages will still be available temporarily for those who wish to continue using them for another month before transitioning.

We recommend that all merchants begin using the new item pages as soon as possible to begin familiarizing yourself with them and how they work.  This will ease the transition since you can currently use either page.  Support staff is available with any questions on the new item pages.  These pages are available under Inventory–>Items–>New Item Pages.

This includes the following pages:

Item View

Item Add

Item Edit

Item Import

Item Export

Important PCI Question Reminder

January 6, 2010


As part of StoreSecured’s PCI Compliance as a service provider we are now required to track the bank that each of our merchants uses to process credit card transactions.

Therefore we are asking all merchants to please submit this information before February 1st

Email To:

Subject: Processing Bank

Body: Your store id and the processing bank name

How do I know who my processing bank is?

This information should be on the merchant statement that you receive each month.  Ie, it may say something like x Payment Systems Sponsored by z Bank.  In this case what we are looking for is the z Bank Name.  Please note that the payment gateway is not the bank, ie BluePay, PayPal, Authorize.Net are not banks they are payment gateways.  Some common merchant processing banks are Harris, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, etc.

What if I dont accept credit cards?

If you do not accept credit cards or you accept only PayPal standard payments or PayPal Pro please indicate that in your email.

Do you need any other information?

No, please do not send any other account information, or anything besides your store id and the bank name.  This is all that we need.

Important Maintenance Notice 1/8

January 4, 2010

StoreSecured will again be performing maintenance on our database server Friday 1/8 at 9:00pm PST.   We expect this maintenance to last approximately 1 hour.  We will be upgrading the database server with new hardware.

There will be no changes to the interface as a result of this maintenance.

During the maintenance all sites and the admin area will show a maintenance message.  All email and ftp will continue to operate as normal.