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Firefox 17 Problems Resolved

November 29, 2012

The issues previously reported with Firefox version 17 have been resolved.  All functionality should now be working in Firefox version 17 for the admin area.  If anyone  is using Firefox 17 and having any issues at this time please let us know via support request.

Problems with latest Firefox browser, version 17

November 23, 2012

If you do not use the Firefox browser you can ignore this message.

Mozilla/Firefox browser users.  Please note that Mozilla/Firefox has released a new browser update as of the day before Thanksgiving ie Nov 21.  This latest version is version 17 and it is a significant change to the way that Firefox identifies their browser.  This update has broken several of the pages in our interface for managing stores.  Ie the pages at .  Note that this does not affect the stores, only the administrative interface.



If you have not yet upgraded your Firefox browser I would suggest that you hold off on doing so until we are able to get a fix in place.  If you have already upgraded and are having trouble managing your store you have 2 options for the short term:

  1. Downgrade to an older version of Firefox, before version 17
  2. Use a different browser temporarily, I would personally recommend Google Chrome


We will be working on applying fixes to our management software to accommodate the latest Firefox browser as quickly as possible however this will probably take at least a few days to accomplish.  Note that due to the Thanksgiving holiday most of our vendors etc are shut down and we also need to get fixes from them which complicates the issue a bit.


We will post a notice to the blog as soon as the Firefox version 17 issue is resolved.  If you have any questions or comments please submit a support request.


Happy Thanksgiving from the StoreSecured staff

Thanksgiving Support Hours

November 21, 2012

Please note special support hours for the thanksgiving holiday.


Thursday 11/22 – Support closed for thanksgiving

Friday 11/23 – Live chat 7am-3pm, Phones closed

Monday 11/26 – Normal support hours resume


Have a great Thanksgiving!

New Features Available – Blog and Reordering

November 16, 2012

1) Store Blog

Basic blog functionality is now available to all stores.   The blog functionality is now in beta mode and includes the ability to add blog posts for immediate publishing or to be published at a later scheduled date/time.

To enable blog functionality go to General–>Other Settings and check the box labelled Enable Store Blog.  From there you can pick how many blog posts to show per page.

To add blog posts visit Design–>Blog–>Add

And the main blog page or individual blog posts/categories etc can be added to navigation bars just like other pages as needed.  The main blog page is named blog.asp

2) Reordering

Reorder functionality includes the ability to automatically add all items from a previous order to the customers shopping cart.

To enable Reordering visit General–>Other Settings.  Check the box labelled Enable Reordering.

If enabled customers will be see a reorder link next to each order on the past orders page.

Mail Server Issue Resolved

November 1, 2012

The StoreSecured mailserver, ie, was not accepting incoming connections from approximately midnight-3:30am PST this evening.  Attempts to retrieve mail during this time were met with an error message.  Service to the mail server has been restored and emails delivered during the mail downtime are now being received from our backup server.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  The mail server is now operating as normal and any mail sent during the mail downtime should be received shortly.