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August 15, 2017

Important note for customers who use as the payment gateway.

Between approximately 9:30am and 12:30pm today 8/15, had several periods of slowness and errors with their API calls which resulted in errors and time outs for customers who tried to process credit cards with  We urge merchants who use to check your transactions in the portal that occurred during this time for any duplicate orders or orders with payments that StoreSecured did not receive notice of.  Please note that during this time many attempts to charge customer credit cards were met with a timeout message or an error from and thus StoreSecured may not know the final status of those charges.

Google Chrome User Special Alert …Important

August 15, 2017

Special alert to our merchants who use Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has put out an update today which breaks the editor tool that is used inside of StoreSecured. Please note that when using the latest google chrome browser with Storesecured’s editor all of your editor content appears empty and if edited will result in losing your content.

This is a brand new Chrome update and we are investigating to see if the editor tool has an update to stop this problem.

In the meantime we recommend either turning off the editor if you use Google Chrome, use a different browser, OR set your editor to use the old version. This setting is located under General–>Other Settings.

Note that this is a result of an automatic update that Google Chrome is doing today so if you use Google Chrome this applies to you.

As soon as we have further information we will make further updates.