January 2012

FedEx Upgrade Completed — Action Required

The FedEx upgrade has been successfully completed.   Action Required There are now 2 new FedEx fields in the StoreSecured FedEx setup which are required to be entered in order to use the upgraded version: FedEx Production Key and FedEx Password.  Until you enter this information your store will continue to use the old FedEx […]

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Scheduled Maintenance Saturday 1/21, Important FedEx Upgrade

We will be performing scheduled maintenance this Saturday 1/21 at approximately 10pm PST.   What is being upgraded? This is mostly a server hardware upgrade.  We are adding memory to all of the servers and upgrading the firmware on the firewall.  We are also installing a new version of software to talk to the FedEx

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Letter from Paypal, Re: Errors they had this morning

The following is an email received this morning from PayPal regarding errors that they experienced today.  Please note that recently PayPal has been experiencing some downtime and timeout issues and your customers may have had trouble checking out with PayPal.  We have received several impact emails from PayPal recently with this one stating the most

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Status Update 1/13

All services are running as normal today with a little bit of slowness due to extra measures put in place for extra monitoring of the health of the servers and network.  We are continuing to closely monitor the situation to ensure smooth operation. I would like to personally apologize again for yesterday, I know it

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Service Restored

Update 10:35pm Service has been restored to all sites as of 10:30pm.  We are currently monitoring the servers very closely and are prepared to move sites if further downtime occurs and a change is necessary.  We also have some good leads regarding which actual sites were being attacked and those sites have been temporarily isolated.

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Updated Site Status

Some merchants have come onto live chat with questions about sites possibly being back up, ie orders appearing all of the sudden even though their site is down.  Please note that we have started updating the IP’s for some merchant websites to new locations.  In most cases these IP updates will take at least 24

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