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FedEx Upgrade Completed — Action Required

January 27, 2012

The FedEx upgrade has been successfully completed.


Action Required

There are now 2 new FedEx fields in the StoreSecured FedEx setup which are required to be entered in order to use the upgraded version: FedEx Production Key and FedEx Password.  Until you enter this information your store will continue to use the old FedEx services.


Important Note

FedEx will begin removing support for the old FedEx web services tools in March.  If you are using FedEx realtime rates it is CRITICAL that you enter the information above to upgrade your store BEFORE March.

MaxMind Service Integration Upgrade

January 26, 2012

Support is now available for the MaxMind field RiskScore.  Please note that this is a newer Maxmind field that replaces the old FraudScore and is supposed to be more accurate at determining fraud vs good orders.


Not Using MaxMind?

If you are not already using the MaxMind service I highly recommend it.  It only costs a few dollars a month and it can help to detect fraud which can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Please see General–>Payments–>Fraud Control for more information.  If you are not interested in this service you can ignore the rest of this message.


Current Maxmind Customers

In order to use this new support first login to your Maxmind Account and make sure you are using version 1.1 or higher at the following url

Next login to your StoreSecured account and go to General–>Payments–>Fraud Control and enter in the risk score that you would like to reject at.  Ie reject order with a risk score of x or higher.  You might want to start with 100 which is the maximum and then after a few orders you can get an idea what you would like to really set the score to.  From my personal experience orders of 50% risk or higher are usually fraudulent for our business.  If your store was already using minfraud version 1.1 or higher riskscore has already been captured for older orders and you can review those for details from the order details screen.

Please note that the stores will now check both scores to make sure they are both below the set threshold.  If you wish to only use the new RiskScore then simply set the FraudScore reject value to 11, this will ensure that the old score is never used.

The risk score is now available on the order details screen and is displayed next to the fraud score.

If you do nothing your store will continue to check only on the old fraud score but the new risk score will be captured and displayed for your use.

More information about the risk score and how it is calculated can be found at

FedEx Upgrade Friday

January 26, 2012

The FedEx upgrade that could not be completed last weekend has been rescheduled for tomorrow, friday the 27th at 10pm Pacific time.


There will be no downtime associated with this upgrade, it is only an upgrade to the way that FedEx rates are retrieved.

Maintenance Completed – FedEx NOT updated

January 21, 2012

The scheduled upgrades to the server hardware and firewall were completed as scheduled.


FedEx web services were in maintenance mode and unreachable at the same time we were trying to update and thus we were NOT able to complete the scheduled FedEx upgrades since testing cannot be done while FedEx is not available.  We will reschedule the FedEx upgrade at a later time.

Scheduled Maintenance Saturday 1/21, Important FedEx Upgrade

January 19, 2012

We will be performing scheduled maintenance this Saturday 1/21 at approximately 10pm PST.


What is being upgraded?

This is mostly a server hardware upgrade.  We are adding memory to all of the servers and upgrading the firmware on the firewall.  We are also installing a new version of software to talk to the FedEx servers for real-time quotes.  Please see below for important FedEx information.


How long will the maintenance last?

The admin interface and ftp will be unreachable for approximately 30 minutes.   Customer facing websites and our own sales websites etc will be unavailable for approximately 5-10 minutes at some time between 10:00 and 10:30pm.


Why are we upgrading now and does it have to do with the attacks?

Store and admin traffic has been steadily increasing since November and shows no signs of slowing down after the holidays.  This is good, it means you, our customers, are successful.  We are adding more memory to the servers to handle the increasing traffic.  The above upgrades are not specifically related to the attack.  The firewall firmware upgrade is in part due to the attacks and the fact that network admins were working on them constantly during the past week and noticed that they could be upgraded to a newer firmware version to make management easier.


FedEx changes

Part of the upgrade involves a new component to receive FedEx real-time shipping rates.  Its important to note if you receive FedEx shipping rates that these rates will be specific to your particular account after this upgrade (if they are not already, most already are).  Ie some merchants have indicated that they are receiving general FedEx rates and not rates for your specific account.  This upgrade will correct this issue as we are upgrading to the latest FedEx software versions.  Please note that this is a required upgrade as FedEx will soon no longer support the older methods of retrieving rates.


What do I need to do to prepare for the FedEx upgrade?

If you are using FedEx real-time shipping rates please ensure that you have entered a valid account and meter number.  We are currently using internal account information if invalid information has been entered and we will no longer be able to do so after the upgrade.   Note that the FedEx account number and meter number are NOT the same thing and you should not have the same number entered into both.

Please contact us via support request with any questions regarding the maintenance or FedEx upgrades.

Special Offer: 1.5% Ecommerce Merchant Account Rate

January 18, 2012

I would like to extend to all of our merchants a special offer that we’ve been working on for credit card rates.  This is a group deal for StoreSecured merchants through Jason Peek of Community Merchant Services and its really the best rates that I’ve ever seen in my 10 years of ecommerce.



$0 setup fee

$15 monthly minimum

$35 monthly fee (includes $5 statement fee, $10 gateway fee, $20 account fee)


Rates come in 4 tiers

.99% for normal bank cards (ie debit)

1.50% for regular credit cards

2.00% rewards cards

2.50% for non-qual cards (ie international etc)


1 year contract


The last two card types are only approximately 10% of cards and your current merchant account would include these as extra fees as well.  Most ecommerce merchant accounts do not even give a special debit card rate.

Avs and trans fee combined is .20 cents


This is honestly the best rate I’ve ever heard of for online processing.  Up until now we have recommend rates that are around 2% (most merchant accounts advertise the second rate above as that’s the most popular rate, ie regular credit cards).  So this is a full .5% lower rate and most online merchant accounts do not pass on the savings for debit cards at all so that is a great addition.


If you are interested in signing up or hearing more please use the contact information below.  They can work out special pricing based on your unique situation as well if needed.  Make sure to mention that you want the special offer for StoreSecured merchants or you won’t get this pricing.  You must signup before the end of January to get this special pricing, this is a slow time for merchant account rates so they are doing special promotions to get new sign-ups.


Contact Information

Jason Peek

Community Merchant Services

cell 714 488 0495


How much will this save me?

Note that if your current rate is 2% which is considered a pretty good rate for ecommerce merchant accounts and if you have $10,000 per month of credit card sales you could save $50 a month. If your sales are higher then $10,000 your savings would be increased substantially.  If you aren’t sure how much you will save they can do a comparison for you, ie review your current merchant account statements to see how much you will save, just ask.


Which gateway

The default gateway used is Cybersource however they can set you up with other gateways as well if you have a specific preference or one that you are familiar with.



Please contact Jason using the information below if you have any questions at all.

Letter from Paypal, Re: Errors they had this morning

January 17, 2012

The following is an email received this morning from PayPal regarding errors that they experienced today.  Please note that recently PayPal has been experiencing some downtime and timeout issues and your customers may have had trouble checking out with PayPal.  We have received several impact emails from PayPal recently with this one stating the most severe impact, ie customers actually unable to checkout.  You can see other recent substantial impact notices from PayPal as well at


Email from PayPal below:

Subject: Resolved: Major Impact to Direct Payment API, Express Checkout, and PayPal APIs  – Jan 17 – Live Site


We experienced a system issue which may have affected Direct Payment, Express Checkout,  Virtual Terminal transactions and Website. During this time, some API calls may have failed with “10001-Internal Error”, Virtual Terminal transactions may have failed with “We can’t process your transaction right now. Try again later.” and PayPal users may have experienced “Sorry, your last action could not be completed” when attempting payments on the website. This issue has been resolved as of Jan 17, 6:49 AM PST (Jan 17, 2:49 PM GMT).

Status Update 1/13

January 13, 2012

All services are running as normal today with a little bit of slowness due to extra measures put in place for extra monitoring of the health of the servers and network.  We are continuing to closely monitor the situation to ensure smooth operation.

I would like to personally apologize again for yesterday, I know it was a bad day for everyone involved.  Something like that has never happened to us before and we are working to ensure that it never happens again.

Service Restored

January 12, 2012

Update 10:35pm

Service has been restored to all sites as of 10:30pm.  We are currently monitoring the servers very closely and are prepared to move sites if further downtime occurs and a change is necessary.  We also have some good leads regarding which actual sites were being attacked and those sites have been temporarily isolated.

Updated Site Status

January 12, 2012

Some merchants have come onto live chat with questions about sites possibly being back up, ie orders appearing all of the sudden even though their site is down.  Please note that we have started updating the IP’s for some merchant websites to new locations.  In most cases these IP updates will take at least 24 hours to propagate throughout the internet but a small percentage of visitors may start to be able to access your site immediately and you may start to receive some orders/visitors even if you cannot personally view your website or vice versa, ie you can see your website but some customers cannot.

We are still waiting for full restoration at midnight, this is a temporary measure in preparation for if the attack is still proceeding after midnight.