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Holiday Live Chat Closures

December 23, 2014

Live chat and phone support will be closed from December 24-January 2nd so that our employees can spend time with their families. Email and support tickets will be available as normal. If you have any questions over the holiday period please send an email to or use the support portal to submit your request. Regular chat support will resume on Monday January 5th.

Happy Holidays from our families to yours.

Rackspace Intermittent DNS Issues

December 22, 2014

Rackspace is experiencing intermittent DNS connectivity issues. They are currently working to resolve the issue. This is causing some DNS lookups to fail which results in what looks like a site down error.

Here is a link to the Rackspace status update page:

In the meantime if you are experiencing an issue with connecting to any of the sites wait a few minutes and then try to refresh the page and this should correct the issue.

Updated 10:56am
Rackspace has resolved the issues related to the DNS problems described above. For full information from rackspace please visit their status url, ie

New Feature: Switch between editor versions

December 8, 2014

Several of our merchants have requested the ability to go back to the old html editor. It is now possible to switch back to the old editor for those who wish to use it.

To switch back to using the old editor
Go to General–>Other Settings
Under Editor Version
Choose the radio button for the Old Editor
Select Save Changes

All pages for your store editor will now use the old editor instead of the new editor.

Please note that the old editor may be incompatible or have some issues with some newer browser versions. This is the reason that we switched to the new editor in the first place.