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USPS Service Name Changes

July 30, 2013

Important information for merchants who using USPS real time rates.


Effective Saturday night USPS changed the rate names for several of their standard services.  If you are excluding USPS rate names from display and using USPS real time rates you may need to update your exclusions for the new names.

Important: Log in change coming

July 26, 2013

Effective Saturday August 3rd evening all stores will be switched to a log in method based on email address INSTEAD of user name.  To prevent confusion or problems, all existing customers will be able to log in using EITHER a user name OR email address.   New customers will no longer be asked to choose a user name upon registration and the system will automatically use the email address for this purpose.  The fields currently labelled User name will be modified to say Email Address.  This change will enable easier registration for users as well as easier return log in with no need to remember a user name.   The email address log in is now standard among most online stores.


The store will no longer ask for separate email addresses for billing and shipping.  The email address given will be used in place of both and all customer email notifications will be sent to that address.   No changes are required from individual store owners, our team will update all stores automatically with the new functionality.


This notice is being given 1 week ahead of the update to allow you to notify your customers if you feel it is necessary before the change takes place.  Existing users can still log in with their user name if they so choose.  For example if the user name is entered instead of the email address in the email field it will be accepted and the user will be logged in.


We want to make sure this transition is smooth for all of our clients and their customers and welcome any questions, comments or concerns via support request.

New Feature – Pinterest Pinit Button

July 15, 2013

Social Integration with Pinterest for items and blog

1 new variables are available in all types of item layouts

OBJ_PINTEREST_PINIT_OBJ –Pinterest LIKE Button (if enabled)

If inserted into your item layout and enabled these variables will show the appropriatePinterest graphics for users to share items with their friends on the social network.

Important Notes:

We have automatically inserted this variable into some of the default layouts and they will be added the next time you hit save on the Item Layout screen if you have selected a default layout.

To enable the Pinterest functionality you must enable it and choose your options from General–>Other Settings.

If using a custom item layout you will need to manually insert the appropriate variables where you would like the graphics to show.