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FedEx Outage Communication

July 22, 2009

Please be advised of the following important announcement from FedEx.

Between July 13, 2009 and July 15, 2009, FedEx Ship Manager® API and FedEx Ship Manager® Direct customers may have been impacted by rating incidents which were caused by an issue with a hardware device. While the hardware device was not in a “failed state,” it was causing sporadic problems with the transaction stream.

Please be assured that FedEx is taking this incident very seriously. We regret any inconvenience that this issue may have caused. If you have any questions or need further technical assistance, please send an e-mail to

Thank you for choosing FedEx. We appreciate your business.
The FedEx Compatible Solutions Program Team Status

July 3, 2009

According to Wikipedias website we have found the following information regarding the current downtime:

On July 2nd, 2009, the entire web infrastructure for (main website, merchant gateway website, etc) went offline a few minutes before midnight Pacific Time. None of the over 200,000 merchants who use payment gateway were able to process credit cards.’s main corporate office and their customer service were closed due to the July 4th holidays in the USA. Reports from their technical support line indicate that there was a fire in their California data center [4] and that service should be restored by 10am Pacific Time. gateway appears to be down

July 3, 2009

Please note that at the moment the gateway appears to be down and is not processing transactions.


Requests to capture funds are not able to connect to

The website is down

And credit card authorizations and deposits are also not being accepted at this time


We have no further information from at this time.  Please contact support for further information and an estimated time to fix the issue.  You may wish to also set your store to not use any processor until resolves their issue.  This will merely store the credit card numbers which you will need to manually process later when resolves this issue.