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In Loving Memory of Cheryl

April 28, 2010

To all of our merchants who have had the chance to speak to support via phone or even chat you may have come to know and love Cheryl.  I am sad to report that Cheryl passed away in her home early this week of apparently natural causes.   Cheryl worked diligently to provide excellent support to all merchants of StoreSecured.  She considered many of our merchants to be her friends.  She was a hard worker, a great friend and she will certainly be missed by all here at StoreSecured.  Although Cheryl did have some health problems her passing was still very unexpected.

Rest in Peace Cheryl, we all miss you.

Hint of the day

April 12, 2010

Did you know that you can edit attributes for an item directly without having to first go to the item edit page?  Go to inventory–>items–>attributes–>view/edit.  You will see a list of all attributes for all of your items, you can then search for attributes of a particular item or a particular option, ie Size, Color, Red, Blue, etc.

Authorize.Net Email

April 9, 2010

To all merchants using

Re: Email from with the subject New MasterCard and Discover Processing Requirements.

StoreSecured is aware of the new requirements and will be working to add support for these new changes before the required due date.  As a merchant who uses StoreSecured for your ecommerce you are not required to do anything, we will handle all of the technical and implementation details for you.

Hint of the day

April 7, 2010

The StoreSecured administration application is optimized for the Firefox browser.  We recommend using the Firefox browser when making edits to your store.

Phone Support Hours

April 5, 2010

Effective Monday April 5th phone support hours will change slightly.

New phone support hours

8:00am-2:00pm Pacific Time

Old phone support hours

8:30am-2:30pm Pacific Time

Chat support hours are unchanged.

New Features Added

April 2, 2010

Show related items on the view cart page
General–>Cart Settings. Under Show Related Items choose Show. If the items in the cart have any accessories those accessories will be shown below the cart as additional items that the customer may be interested in purchasing. If the items in the cart do not have any accessories this section will be hidden. Note that the items are ordered according to their relevancy, ie if an accessory goes with several items in the cart it will be given priority showing.  By default this feature is turned off.

The above is our first feature added as a result of the new feedback system.  Many of you have not yet visited this new feedback area yet but we would love to hear from you to know what is most important to you.

Switch between old and new item pages
Some of our merchants have indicated that they are not ready to switch to the new item edit pages.  So for now we are holding off on a required change for everyone.  If you are ready to switch please visit General–>Item Settings.  Under Use New Items Page check the box.  This will setup your store to always use the new items page and will hide the old items page from view.  Note that new stores will automatically use the New Item Edit pages.