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Attribute changes scheduled

April 28, 2011

The attribute changes originally scheduled to be updated last weekend will take place Saturday April 30th at 9:00pm PST.  The original blog post and information about the attribute changes can be found at the following link

Attribute changes NOT updated

April 22, 2011

The attribute price calculation changes previously mentioned in the blog and scheduled for tonights update have NOT been updated.  An error was detected during testing of the update and the changes were reverted.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.  The attribute changes have been rescheduled for next weekend.

UPS Realtime Rates Issues updated 8:50am

April 13, 2011

StoreSecured is currently experiencing issues retrieving realtime rates for UPS.  At this time we are unaware of what is causing these issues.  All attempts to contact UPS for rate retrieval are met with error messages instead of actual rates.  We have contacted UPS and are awaiting a response from their technical team at this time.   We recommend that all customers using UPS realtime rates ensure that you have enabled at least one backup rate which will allow your customers to continue to checkout.

Update 8:30am

We have been contacted by UPS and informed that their security certificates have been updated as of yesterday morning and we will need to get the latest certificate from UPS in order for realtime rates to begin working again.  We are currently awaiting receipt of these new certificates from UPS.  We recommend disabling any UPS shipping methods currently until the issue is resolved.  We will update the blog further when the certificates are received and installed and UPS is tested and working so that all merchants are aware when UPS rates are again appearing.

Update 8:50am

The certificates have now been received from UPS and are installed.  All realtime rates are now returning once again from UPS as normal.

Unexpected downtime 4/5 4:40pm PST

April 5, 2011

Between 4:40pm and 6:10pm PST on 4/5 StoreSecured experienced intermittent unexpected downtime for approximately 1/4 of the visitors to all sites.  As of 6:10pm all sites were operating as normal and 100% of traffic has been restored.  The downtime did not affect any other services such as email, ftp, etc which were fully operational throughout.


Technical explanation for those who are interested…

The StoreSecured system uses 4 servers to display all site traffic and a internal networking cable on one of the servers suddenly failed.  Because we use 4 different servers this downtime was only experienced by approximately 1/4 of all of the total traffic during this time and it was intermittent, ie the hardware would work and then it would fail again and again.  The problem was identified and the offending server was removed from the rotation so that all traffic was split between the remaining 3 servers.   The bad network cable has now replaced and all traffic is again going to all 4 servers as normal.

Google Product Search Requirement Changes

April 4, 2011

Several StoreSecured merchants have brought to our attention and asked questions about a recent email from Google regarding coming changes to the feed for the Google Product Search.  The email is included below for reference.

Regarding the May 3rd changes…StoreSecured already supports sending both the brand and MPN for all feeds.  Please ensure that this information is entered in for each of your items to remain compliant.

Regarding the June 6th change…Shipping and tax information should be entered directly into your Google account for all items and all merchants using the Google Base feed should do so before the June 6th deadline.  StoreSecured will not be including the shipping and tax information into the feed.

Please refer to the links in the email below from Google for more information from Google about how to update these fields, what information they should contain etc.


Content of Google email below:



Thank you for participating in Google Product Search. We are reaching out to you to inform you about important changes we’re making to our Product Search attribute requirements for unique identifiers and tax and shipping information.

Starting May 3rd, 2011, we’ll require your product listings to include at least two of the three unique identifiers (Brand, MPN, GTIN). In order to provide as much information as possible to our users, we need your help in matching your products to our “product pages”, where users are able to view useful data such as product specifications or reviews. While these attributes will not be required for your data feed to process correctly, they may prevent your items from appearing in Product Search results if not included. For more details, including what specific identifiers you should include for each category of item, please see our Help Center at

Starting June 6th, 2011, we’ll also require your product listings to include tax and shipping information to provide buyers with important price information. This information will be required at either the account or item level (in the “tax” or “shipping” attribute) in order for your items to process and appear in Google Product Search results. For instructions on how to include tax and shipping information, please visit

Please update your account settings or data feeds as soon as possible to ensure that you are complying with these new requirements by the dates specified above. For more information about these changes, please visit our Google Merchant blog at


The Google Product Search Team