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PayPal Site Issues

January 28, 2013

PayPal is currently experiencing problems with their instant payment notification service.  This is the service which tells websites such as us that an order has been completed successfully and paid.  Without these notifications the order status is unknown and the order will sit in the abandoned status.  PayPal is posting status updates regarding this issue at the following url:

According to PayPal the issue began January 27th at approximately 11:00pm PST and is still occurring.  They have indicated that once the issue is resolved they will try to send all of the missing IPN messages.  If PayPal is able to send the missing IPN messages once their issue is resolved all orders that were completed will automatically show as completed in the store.  I would highly recommend to all merchants to double check all of your PayPal orders for the day after PayPal resolves this issue to ensure that they were marked as completed.  PayPal does not have a good track record of sending all of the missing information after an error occurs.

If necessary you can manually complete any orders that are currently in the abandoned status which you have payment confirmation from PayPal or you can wait for PayPal to resolve this issue.  Please note that there is nothing that StoreSecured can do here except wait for PayPal to resolve the issue.  Please refer to the PayPal url above for further status updates on this issue.


Mail Server Secure Connections

January 28, 2013

The StoreSecured mail server now supports secure connections via POP, SMTP, IMAP and Web.  To connect via a secure connection please use the following ports:

SMTP =465



WEB=443, ie https://

Encryption Type=SSL


An alternative method of connecting securely is to use TLS with the normal connection ports, ie

SMTP =25



WEB=80, ie http://

Encryption Type=TLS


All other settings remain the same.  Secure connections can be used if you are transferring sensitive data via email.  For most merchants regular non-secure connections can continue to be used.

New Features Available – Shipping and Customized Receipt

January 9, 2013

1) Customize Store Side Receipts & Cart

Functionality is now available to customize several different views of the cart and receipt.   Choose which columns to display as part of the shopping cart view, order preview and customer receipt.  Columns can be shown or hidden from Design–>Customize Invoice.  Please note that some columns are only shown if there is data in them, for instance attribute sku, promotions, back orders etc.

2) Order Shipping Import

Functionality is now available to import order shipping tracking information from a file.   Import order tracking information, customize the email sent, enter a shipping date, shipping company etc.  To find out more please visit Orders–>Import–>Ship Orders.  The import specification and further details are available along with sample import data.

3) Ship Selected Capture Amount

The store now supports partial order capture from the ship selected orders page.  Previously all captures done from the ship selected page were automatically done on the full order amount.  A box is now available showing the amount to capture and the amount can be modified as needed to capture only partial order totals if needed.  Go to Orders–>Search, select the orders to mark as shipped and then select the Ship Selected button.

FedEx Realtime Rate Changes

January 6, 2013

The DLL used to communicate with FedEx has been updated to support the latest changes for real time rates.  Please note that with this new DLL change FedEx is returning different names for the different services, for instance …

New Names

First Overnight, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2 Day AM, 2 Day, Express Saver, Ground Home Delivery
Old Names
For users who are using FedEx realtime rates and excluding certain rates based on their names we have attempted to automatically update all merchant exclusions from the back-end to the new names from the old names so you should not need to do so.
Please also note that FedEx is also requiring the production key and password to return rates.  If this information is not included you will most not receive realtime rates from FedEx.