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Scheduled Maintenance 9/26 7:00 PM PDT

September 23, 2020

Scheduled maintenance period Saturday 9/26/2020 7:00 PM Pacific time for a period of approximately 2-3 hours.

We will be increasing server storage of store management portal server.  This will cause downtime for the store management portal.   We expect the maintenance to last from 2-3 hours. 

Email will continue to operate as normal during the maintenance.

For questions, comments or concerns please email

Problem with Portal Item Search

October 21, 2019

We are currently experiencing a intermittent problem on the item search page in the manage portal.  When searching for a item to edit the page sometimes returns a 502 gateway error message.


We are aware of the issue and are actively working to try to resolve it.


In the meantime we have provided a link to the old item search page to allow you to still search for items.


We hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible as we know this is an important page.  Please bear with us as we work to find a resolution.


This issue does NOT affecting the store item search.  It is only inside of the store management portal.


Temporary Cloudflare Outage (Resolved)

July 2, 2019

7:30am Pacific time

We have seen no further issues at this time.  It appears that Cloudflare has corrected the issue.


7:13am Pacific time

We have observed that all sites are again working.  It appears that Cloudflare has resolved their issue and they are reporting a fix is in place and being actively monitored.


6:50am Pacific time

Sites are currently down due because Cloudflare is experiencing issues.  Cloudflare is a third party provider who powers our DNS along with about 10% of the internet world so we are not alone.  We expect all sites will be back shortly.  You can see the cloudflare status here


Temporary Outage

June 24, 2019

4:22am Pacific time

Sites were down for approximately 20 minutes this morning due to a Cloudflare SSL and DNS issue.  The sites are now mostly back up and operating with intermittent issues, it appears that the issue is mostly resolved but they are still working on it.


4:00am Pacific time

We’ve identified that the problem is being caused by a global SSL outage.  We will update when we know more, note that Cloudflare is a third party provider who powers our DNS along with about 10% of the internet world so we are not alone.


3:55am Pacific time

We’re investigating issues with the sites being inaccessible in some regions.


Maintenance Completed

November 10, 2018

The maintenance has been completed. All sites and services are running as normal.

The email server maintenance will be done at another time as there was not enough time to complete it tonight.

Any questions or comments please send an email to

Email Security Changes and Maintenance Period 6/24

June 20, 2018

Effective June 24th there will be several security changes to our email server to comply with PCI rules.

  • Webmail will be moved from to (ONLY for Webmail).
  • Webmail must be connected to securely, ie https vs http
  • All connections to read/deliever mail should be done securely, using TLS (NOT SSL) connections
  • TLS 1.0 will be disabled, SSL will be disabled. All connections must use TLS1.2 or higher
  • The mailserver will not accept plaintext credentials. All credentials must be encrypted.
  • SSL access to the email server via ports 993, 995, and 465 via SSL will be disabled in favor of more secure TLS connections on ports 25, 110 and 143

Email Server Maintenance
The email server will be unavailable periodically during the maintenance period from approximately 8:00pm-midnight pacific time on June 24th to make the above changes.

How can I prepare for these changes ahead of time?
When using webmail start going to INSTEAD of

If using Outlook or other email program to read your mail make sure it is setup to use TLS connections with the proper ports:
To change this setting in Outlook

  1. With your Outlook client open, select Tools from the main menu. Then select Account Settings… from the drop down menu.
    This will open up the Account Settings window.
  2. If you have more than one email account configured, make sure that your StoreSecured Internet account is selected.
  3. With your StoreSecured email account highlighted, select Change.
  4. This will open another window called “Change E-Mail Account“.
  5. Click More Settings….
  6. This will open another window called Internet E-mail Settings.
  7. Click the Advanced tab.
  8. Look in the section called Server Port Numbers.
  9. In the drop down menu under Incoming server select TLS from the list of options.
  10. If you are using IMAP the port number should be set to 143.
  11. If you are using POP the port number should be set to 110.
  12. Then, in the drop down menu under Outgoing server (SMTP), select TLS from the options.
  13. Your outgoing server port number should be set to 25, in the Outgoing server (SMTP) field or port 587 can be used as an alternate SMTP port if you cannot connect via port 25.

Additional Questions
If you have questions about your particular setup, email program etc, please contact StoreSecured support via our support system for additional assistance.  Also you can read our FAQ about the change here.


Google Chrome User Special Alert …Important

August 15, 2017

Special alert to our merchants who use Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has put out an update today which breaks the editor tool that is used inside of StoreSecured. Please note that when using the latest google chrome browser with Storesecured’s editor all of your editor content appears empty and if edited will result in losing your content.

This is a brand new Chrome update and we are investigating to see if the editor tool has an update to stop this problem.

In the meantime we recommend either turning off the editor if you use Google Chrome, use a different browser, OR set your editor to use the old version. This setting is located under General–>Other Settings.

Note that this is a result of an automatic update that Google Chrome is doing today so if you use Google Chrome this applies to you.

As soon as we have further information we will make further updates.

Portal issue 3/21/2017 (Resolved)

March 21, 2017

This morning, 3/21, StoreSecured experienced an issue that affected the successful loading of some of the pages in the application used to manage stores. Note that this issue did not affect actual store loading or any other areas beyond the editing of stores. The error was the result of a problem with a windows security update for new PCI compliance rules and was resolved at approximately 10:30am Pacific time.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this error caused. The underlying issue has now been found and corrected.

Email Server Failure 2/13 2:00pm PST

February 13, 2017

2:55pm PST
The email server has been restored from the most recent backup file and all email accounts are now operating as normal. There was downtime of approximately 1 hour and any emails sent during that time will still be received.

**IMPORTANT** Please note that the last backup which we restored from was done at 11:00PM PST last night and all email accounts have been reverted to their status as of 11:00PM. Because we are now working off the backup please note that anything done between the last backup and 2pm is NOT visible. Ie emails sent were delivered as that action had already occurred. Emails that you had already opened to read between 11pm and 2pm will be shown again as unread. Most importantly, any email received during that period is no longer available. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that we know that this has caused, unfortunately the backup was about a half a day old. As is always the case, we will be reviewing what happened along with the backup policies and procedures to see if they can be improved for the future. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please direct them to

2:00pm PST
The email server is currently down.  We have experienced a hardware failure for the server where the email is hosted.  All email accounts are currently non-functioning.  While we are researching what has happened we have begun a restore from the most recent backup to create a new server and as soon as the backup is restored we will be restoring email service.  Further information will be posted once it is available.   At this time we expect approximately 1-2 hours restore time.

All other services are operating as normal.


Christmas Holiday Live Chat Closures

December 26, 2016

Live chat will be closed Monday December 26th – Friday December 30th so that our employees can spend time with their families. Email and support tickets will be available as normal. Regular chat support will resume on Monday January 2nd.