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New Password Requirements and Recommendations

April 24, 2012

There have been some questions lately regarding the new password requirements.  This article is meant to clarify and give recommendations for good passwords.

Password requirements:
Must be at least 7 characters
Must have at least 1 uppercase letter
Must have at least 1 lowercase letter
Must have at least 1 number
Must have at least 1 symbol, such as ` ! ? $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ – + = { [ } ] : ; @ ‘ ~ # | \ < , > . /
Must not not be one of your previous 4 passwords

Recommendations for passwords
Do not use your name
Do not use your login
Do not use your friend’s name
Do not use your family member’s name
Do not use a dictionary word
Do not use a common name

To see some good examples or for help creating a good password please visit the strong password generator

Password Change Reminder

April 18, 2012

Reminder all existing passwords will be expiring within the next week and must meet new PCI regulation rules.  If you have not changed your password since the new password requirements went into affect on 4/4 you will soon be directed to a password change screen which will force you to change it before you can continue.

For further information please see the previous blog post at


To change your password before the expiration log in and then select My Account–>Change Password

New Item URL option available

April 6, 2012

Now available, the ability to modify your item detail pages url format.  There are now 2 formats available for your store item urls.


The current format

New optional format


All stores will remain with their old item url format unless the setting is changed.  The change can be made from general–>item settings.


Please note that this was done for Search Engine Optimization purposes, some search engines place greater emphasis on the actual keywords being in the page url and not having to many extra words so it can be beneficial to have a url that only includes your item page name and nothing else.  Please keep in mind if you do make this change that all of your item urls will immediately change and this could potentially have an adverse affect on your search engine listings temporarily.  If changed the store will redirect all users who hit the old urls to the new urls.  If you have an seo professional who works on your store I would recommend speaking to them about making this change and if its right for your store or not.

New Marketing Feed Feature Available

April 5, 2012

Now available, the ability to exclude an item from the marketing feeds.  If an item does not meet the terms set forth by Google, Bing etc for their feeds you can exclude that item from being added to the feed files.  This new functionality is available as a check box under the Google Base portion of the item edit screen with the name Exclude from Feed.  To exclude an item from all of the feeds simply check this box.  By default all items that match the feeds criteria will be sent unless  you specifically tell us not to by checking the box.

New Password Requirements

April 4, 2012

Within the next 2 weeks all store owners will be required to follow new password guidelines.  These changes are a result of PCI compliance requirements and are required for all store admin logins.


Admin passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be changed at least every 90 days
  • Must be at least 7 characters long
  • Must include a combination of at least one upper and lowercase letter, number and symbol
  • Cannot use a password that you have used in the last 4 resets
If an incorrect password is entered 6 times in a row the account will be temporarily locked for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes you can try to login again.


All administrators will be required to change their passwords within the next 2 weeks to meet these new requirements and also to satisfy the 90 day change requirement.  If you have not changed your password within 2 weeks from today you will be directed to a password change screen which will force you to do so before continuing.


To change your password now please login and then visit My Account–>Change Password

USPS Real-time Rates Restored & FedEx Real-time Notice

April 2, 2012

USPS Service Restored

USPS real-time rate service has now been restored.  All stores are now upgraded and using the latest USPS real-time rate server.  We thank you for your patience while we worked to quickly get this fixed.  No action is required on your part to receive this update.

FedEx Service Discontinues Old API

Per our earlier blog post from 1/27, FedEx has now discontinued their support for earlier versions of their API.  If you are using FedEx real-time rates have yet to enter into your StoreSecured account a FedEx production key and FedEx password your store may be failing to return FedEx rates for your customers.  FedEx said they would be discontinuing this support for the older versions at the of end of March 2012.  Please ensure that you enter this information as quickly as possible to prevent any service disruptions.   To obtain this information please see instructions below:

Go to

Select Web Services in the drop down list and log in with your Fedex User ID and password.

Click on Develop & Test Your Application link

Click on Move To Production

Click on Obtain Production Key and fill in the form

After filling in the application you will end up with four production credentials:

  • Authentication Key
  • Account number
  • Meter number
  • Production Security Code – password (coming from an email sent to you by Fedex)

Enter the information into your StoreSecured FedEx shipping setup

Important USPS Real-time Shipping Errors – Action Required

April 1, 2012

Important if you are using USPS real-time rates this issue affects you please read below:

As of Sunday April 1st 9:15am PST, all customers using USPS real-time rates are not receiving USPS shipping rates.  Please note that we are receiving the following error:

USPS:API Disabled: Rate. This API has been retired. Please use RateV4. 

If you are using ONLY USPS rates and you do not have backup rates or any other type of real-time shipping enabled please do so immediately.  Having a backup calculated or other real-time rate will ensure that your customers can continue to checkout during this error.  If you do not have either of these and rely solely on USPS real-time rates, your customers will be unable to checkout until this issue is resolved.

Note: It is always a good idea to have backup real-time rates enabled otherwise if the shipper is unreachable for any reason or has temporary downtime etc we will still be able to present shipping rates to your customers vs an error from the shipper.   There is a checkbox on the shipping method screen to make a rate a backup only rate, this means it should be displayed only when no real-time rates can be retrieved.

Unfortunately we were unaware of this change that USPS was making and it appears many others were as well as I am reading this all over the web including at third party shipping tools that used this API.  We will be correcting this issue as soon as possible but this may take several days to get resolved as it will require new programming, testing etc.   To ensure that your store continues operating smoothly in the meantime please follow the instructions above on either having another real-time provider enabled or using a backup calculated rate.   Ie UPS, FedEx etc are are all working this issue affects ONLY USPS.

Who Does This Affect?

Anyone using USPS real-time rates with their store

What Will My Customers See?

If you have any other rates to display, ie other realtime rates or backup rates your customers will see those instead and will just not see USPS rates, they will proceed through checkout as normal.  If you have only USPS realtime rates your customers will see an order and be unable to continue.

How Long Will This Take To Resolve?

Unfortunately we expect a minimum of 2 days but this will be our top priority.  Until we can speak to USPS on Monday we have no further information.

How Can I Make Sure Customers Can Checkout in the Meantime?

Create a backup calculated shipping rate and/or enable a different real-time shipping provider as mentioned above.

Can I Still Ship Via USPS?

Yes, of course, you can still create calculated shipping methods with the USPS names in the meantime.  You could calculate shipping as a flat fee, a fee based on weight, based on total price etc.