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New Help System

August 29, 2013

StoreSecured has launched a brand new help system for our clients.  This system will combine our previous support requests, email, chat and knowledge base into one unified tool.  All support going forward will be done through the new system.

You can access the help system several ways:

  1. Click on the Get Help Button at the top of the store management interface (takes you to thehelp home page already logged in)
  2. Go to My Account–>Support Requests–>View/Edit (takes you to a list of your own cases already logged in)
  3. Go to (takes you to the help home page not logged in)


Main features of the help system:

  1. Ability to email support for help, click on the Email Support link in the right hand side
  2. Start a chat with support, click on the chat button in the right hand side, it will be hidden if chat is closed
  3. Search the knowledge base for help
  4. View all your support tickets
  5. Links to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, please like and follow us for the latest news and updates


Old Support Requests

You can still access your old support tickets from My Account–>Support Requests–>Old Support Requests.  We will leave this option available for several months to ensure continuity on existing requests.

Mailserver Maintenance Completed

August 24, 2013

Mail server maintenance has been completed.  All email services are running as normal.


Note that the email server has been moved and all DNS now points to a new location.  If you are having any trouble connecting it could be that your DNS has not properly updated.  First try hitting CTRL + F5 to force an update.  If CTRL + F5  does not work you can temporarily use the alternate address of, ie if using webmail



Mailserver down for scheduled maintenance

August 24, 2013

The mail server is now down for scheduled maintenance, once it is back a new update will be posted.

Mail Server Scheduled Maintenance 8/24

August 20, 2013

StoreSecured will be performing an upgrade to our email server on Saturday 8/24 at 9:00 pm Pacific Time. The scheduled maintenance period will last approximately 30-60 minutes.

During the maintenance
Outgoing notification emails will be sent as normal
Incoming emails will be queued for delivery once the maintenance is complete
Email will not be accessible during this time
All web, POP, SMTP, and IMAP connections etc will be refused


Why is the upgrade required?
The email server is running low on disk space.  To allow for new customers and customers requiring additional space we need to increase the disk space.

Once the upgrade is complete all services will be restored as normal and email that had been queued will be delivered shortly thereafter.

New Feature – Rich Snippets for SEO Results

August 4, 2013

We are excited to announce that all StoreSecured stores now include automatic support for SEO rich snippets. The addition of rich snippet data draws the customers eyes to your search result and can increase click through rates by up to 30%. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything, we have done all of the work for you. If you are new to rich snippets here is a great article to help you learn more

Note that the changes may not be seen in your search results until the next time that the search engines index your site. This could be anywhere from a day to several weeks depending on the popularity of your pages and the last time that they were indexed. You can preview the new rich snippet functionality and how your search results will look using
Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool

StoreSecured will automatically include product data displayed on your item detail pages such as, price, name, description, sku, reviews, isbn, upc, breadcrumbs etc. The product category pages will also include rich snippet data for breadcrumbs (if included in your site design).

We strongly recommend complementing the rich snippet functionality for your store by connecting your site to your Google+ profile.

If there are other rich snippets that you would like to see support added for please let us know via support request.

Login Changes Completed

August 3, 2013

The login change mentioned previously has now been implemented. All customers can now login using either their email or their old user name.

No changes or settings are required for individual stores.

What exactly has changed?

  1. Customers will no longer be asked to create a username when creating a new account, the email address will be used instead.
  2. The user name field on the login screen for returning users has been changed to be labelled Email.
  3. There are no longer separate email addresses for billing and shipping, the login email is used for both.
  4. If an existing customer tries to re-register the system will prompt them to login (if login is enabled for the store), or they can continue with registration.

Comments, questions, issues, please submit a support request.