Update – Automatic Update of Cart and Inclusion of Remove Button

Dear Merchants,
As part of a series of ongoing updates, we have recently updated the Cart page with the following modifications:

Plus and Minus buttons around the Quantity box:
To make it simple for end users to increase or decrease the amounts without typing anything in the quantity box, plus and minus buttons were added around the box. This is highly beneficial for mobile users because they can quantities without using tiny keypads. Users will still have the option of entering number by typing from keyboards with the inclusion of Plus and Minus buttons. Users won’t need to click the “Update Cart” button because updating the cart will happen automatically when they push the Plus or Minus buttons.

Remove Line Item Button:
A button to remove the line items from the cart has been added. Without requiring customers to click the “Update Cart” button, the relevant product will be removed from the cart and the cart will be immediately updated when this Remove button is pressed.

Please feel free to get in touch with us by calling (866) 324-2764 or sending an email to support@storesecured.com. We’d love to assist!
– Store Secured, LLC