New Feature – Rich Snippets for SEO Results

We are excited to announce that all StoreSecured stores now include automatic support for SEO rich snippets. The addition of rich snippet data draws the customers eyes to your search result and can increase click through rates by up to 30%. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything, we have done all of the work for you. If you are new to rich snippets here is a great article to help you learn more

Note that the changes may not be seen in your search results until the next time that the search engines index your site. This could be anywhere from a day to several weeks depending on the popularity of your pages and the last time that they were indexed. You can preview the new rich snippet functionality and how your search results will look using
Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool

StoreSecured will automatically include product data displayed on your item detail pages such as, price, name, description, sku, reviews, isbn, upc, breadcrumbs etc. The product category pages will also include rich snippet data for breadcrumbs (if included in your site design).

We strongly recommend complementing the rich snippet functionality for your store by connecting your site to your Google+ profile.

If there are other rich snippets that you would like to see support added for please let us know via support request.