New Features Available – Blog and Reordering

1) Store Blog

Basic blog functionality is now available to all stores.   The blog functionality is now in beta mode and includes the ability to add blog posts for immediate publishing or to be published at a later scheduled date/time.

To enable blog functionality go to General–>Other Settings and check the box labelled Enable Store Blog.  From there you can pick how many blog posts to show per page.

To add blog posts visit Design–>Blog–>Add

And the main blog page or individual blog posts/categories etc can be added to navigation bars just like other pages as needed.  The main blog page is named blog.asp

2) Reordering

Reorder functionality includes the ability to automatically add all items from a previous order to the customers shopping cart.

To enable Reordering visit General–>Other Settings.  Check the box labelled Enable Reordering.

If enabled customers will be see a reorder link next to each order on the past orders page.