New Item URL option available

Now available, the ability to modify your item detail pages url format.  There are now 2 formats available for your store item urls.


The current format

New optional format


All stores will remain with their old item url format unless the setting is changed.  The change can be made from general–>item settings.


Please note that this was done for Search Engine Optimization purposes, some search engines place greater emphasis on the actual keywords being in the page url and not having to many extra words so it can be beneficial to have a url that only includes your item page name and nothing else.  Please keep in mind if you do make this change that all of your item urls will immediately change and this could potentially have an adverse affect on your search engine listings temporarily.  If changed the store will redirect all users who hit the old urls to the new urls.  If you have an seo professional who works on your store I would recommend speaking to them about making this change and if its right for your store or not.