USPS Real-time Rates Restored & FedEx Real-time Notice

USPS Service Restored

USPS real-time rate service has now been restored.  All stores are now upgraded and using the latest USPS real-time rate server.  We thank you for your patience while we worked to quickly get this fixed.  No action is required on your part to receive this update.

FedEx Service Discontinues Old API

Per our earlier blog post from 1/27, FedEx has now discontinued their support for earlier versions of their API.  If you are using FedEx real-time rates have yet to enter into your StoreSecured account a FedEx production key and FedEx password your store may be failing to return FedEx rates for your customers.  FedEx said they would be discontinuing this support for the older versions at the of end of March 2012.  Please ensure that you enter this information as quickly as possible to prevent any service disruptions.   To obtain this information please see instructions below:

Go to

Select Web Services in the drop down list and log in with your Fedex User ID and password.

Click on Develop & Test Your Application link

Click on Move To Production

Click on Obtain Production Key and fill in the form

After filling in the application you will end up with four production credentials:

  • Authentication Key
  • Account number
  • Meter number
  • Production Security Code – password (coming from an email sent to you by Fedex)

Enter the information into your StoreSecured FedEx shipping setup