Scheduled Maintenance Saturday 1/21, Important FedEx Upgrade

We will be performing scheduled maintenance this Saturday 1/21 at approximately 10pm PST.


What is being upgraded?

This is mostly a server hardware upgrade.  We are adding memory to all of the servers and upgrading the firmware on the firewall.  We are also installing a new version of software to talk to the FedEx servers for real-time quotes.  Please see below for important FedEx information.


How long will the maintenance last?

The admin interface and ftp will be unreachable for approximately 30 minutes.   Customer facing websites and our own sales websites etc will be unavailable for approximately 5-10 minutes at some time between 10:00 and 10:30pm.


Why are we upgrading now and does it have to do with the attacks?

Store and admin traffic has been steadily increasing since November and shows no signs of slowing down after the holidays.  This is good, it means you, our customers, are successful.  We are adding more memory to the servers to handle the increasing traffic.  The above upgrades are not specifically related to the attack.  The firewall firmware upgrade is in part due to the attacks and the fact that network admins were working on them constantly during the past week and noticed that they could be upgraded to a newer firmware version to make management easier.


FedEx changes

Part of the upgrade involves a new component to receive FedEx real-time shipping rates.  Its important to note if you receive FedEx shipping rates that these rates will be specific to your particular account after this upgrade (if they are not already, most already are).  Ie some merchants have indicated that they are receiving general FedEx rates and not rates for your specific account.  This upgrade will correct this issue as we are upgrading to the latest FedEx software versions.  Please note that this is a required upgrade as FedEx will soon no longer support the older methods of retrieving rates.


What do I need to do to prepare for the FedEx upgrade?

If you are using FedEx real-time shipping rates please ensure that you have entered a valid account and meter number.  We are currently using internal account information if invalid information has been entered and we will no longer be able to do so after the upgrade.   Note that the FedEx account number and meter number are NOT the same thing and you should not have the same number entered into both.

Please contact us via support request with any questions regarding the maintenance or FedEx upgrades.