Google Merchant Center Feeds

We have received notice from a couple of our merchants that their google item feeds are now being rejected due to a missing required attribute in the feed.  The missing attribute in question is the availability attribute.  This is a new field that Google is apparently requiring for all merchant feeds.  The StoreSecured staff is working to quickly add functionality to allow merchants to define the items availability status either manually or automatically for inclusion in your google feed however this will take a day or 2 to complete.  In the meantime we have added the availability column to new feeds that are generated with a static value of instock for ALL items to ensure that new feeds are not rejected.


Once the new functionality is added for the availability field for Google Feeds we will alert all merchants via the blog so that you can set the field as necessary for all items.


Please direct all questions regarding the Google Merchant Center Feeds and the availability status column to our support staff via support request.