New Google Field Added…Availiability

The availability column is now available for editing and import/export for all stores.  Google is requiring this column for their google merchant center feeds, if you are not using the Google feeds then it is not necessary.

The default value for this column is automatic.  Automatic means that the store will automatically determine if the item is in stock or not based on the current quantity in stock.  All other values besides automatic will be sent directly to Google as is.

Accepted values:

  • ‘in stock’
  • ‘available for order’
  • ‘out of stock’
  • ‘preorder’

This field is now available for both import/export and editing from the item edit screen.  If you do not see this field available for editing you can enable it from the Settings link.

All feeds created going forward will use this new availability column and the data within.

Please direct all questions/issues etc regarding this functionality to our support staff via support request.