Paypal Technical Service Notice


This notification is to inform you of the activity scheduled for Oct 13, 7:00 PM PDT ( Oct 14, 3:00 AM BST).

In addition,  Batch Processing (batch capture/refund) will be on hold between:  –

Oct 09, 8:20 PM PDT (Oct 10, 4:20 AM BST) and

Oct 09, 11:30 PM PDT (Oct 10, 7:30 AM BST)

Oct 13, 6:30 PM PDT (Oct 14, 2:30 AM BST) and

Oct 14, 1:00 AM PDT (Oct 14, 9:00 AM BST)
(Sent Oct 08, 11:39 AM PDT by BR)

Service: Live Site

Start Time: Oct 13, 7:00 PM PDT (Oct 14, 3:00 AM BST)

End Time: Oct 14, 12:00 AM PDT (Oct 14, 8:00 AM BST)

Our Technology team advises during this period some products and features may be temporarily unavailable. We are working to ensure the inconvenience is as minimal as possible.

We apologize for any impact caused by this maintenance.

Additional Upcoming Events:
Live Site Scheduled Maintenance
Oct 08, 10:50 PM PDT (Oct 09, 6:50 AM BST)

Sandbox Site Scheduled Enhancements
Oct 13, 10:00 PM PDT (Oct 14, 6:00 AM BST)

PayPal Merchant Technical Services

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