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New Features – Out of Stock Items and Tax Import/Export

May 24, 2010

Out of Stock Requests

If an item is out of stock the merchant can allow shoppers to enter their email to receive a notice when the item is in stock.

To turn on Out of Stock Requests for your site please visit General–>Item Settings. First make sure you have selected to Show out of stock items. Then you can select the box to show the out of stock requests as well.

When Out of Stock Requests is enabled a link will now appear below the out of stock notice on items allowing the customer to enter their email address to be notified when the item is in stock. The link is labeled Notify Me and it will open up a pop-up window for the email address entry.

Once a day, at approximately midnight, the store will automatically send out notices alerting any customers who requested it of items that were out of stock and are now in stock.

View the list of out of stock requests once enabled from Inventory–>Items–>Out of stock requests.

Setup the email text for the email notifications from General–>Email Notifications

The out of stock notification is compatible with all out of stock checking including regular items as well as those with attributes and attribute intersections as well.

This feature was requested by fellow merchants via our feedback forum,
read more about it here

Out of Stock Text

In addition to the above out of stock requests that have been added we have also modified the functionality for out of stock items.

Functionality change for the following case:
If an item is out of stock and hide stock is enabled for that item and the stock variable is part of your item layout. In this case the add to cart button has always been hidden.

New functionality
Out of stock text shown

Old functionality
Out of stock text hidden

Merchants indicated that it was confusing for customers to see no add to cart button on the out of stock items with no indication that the item was out of stock.

This feature was requested by fellow merchants via our feedback forum,
read more about it here

Tax Import/Export

Added the ability to import/export tax rates. Go to General–>Taxes–>Import to import taxes or to export current tax rates please visit General–>Taxes–>View/Edit and click on the export link in the bottom bar.

Added New Edit Screen for Attribute Intersection Quantity

January 28, 2010

There is now a new way to edit the quantity in stock for your Attribute Intersection Quantities.  Previously the only way to change the quantity in stock was via an import,  you can now edit these quantities via an Edit screen.  To access this feature visit Inventory–>Items–>Attribute Intersection–>View/Edit.

For more details on the Attribute Intersection Quantity and what it is and how it works please visit the following link

Important Notes:

Adding new intersection quantities can still only be done via the import utility.

Only the quantity is editable from the screen.

Importing is still available for doing mass changes but the edit is a good solution for making only a few changes.