Feature: Enhanced conversions for web (Google)

For our valued customers, we have added support for Google’s Enhanced conversions feature on the receipt.asp page which is a thank you and a receipt page shown to your customers at the end of a successful checkout.

What is Google’s Enhanced Conversion feature?

Enhanced conversions is a feature that can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement. It supplements your existing conversion tags by sending hashed first party conversion data from your website in a privacy safe way. The feature uses a secure one-way hashing algorithm called SHA256 on your first party customer data, such as email addresses, before sending to Google. The hashed data is then matched with signed-in Google accounts in order to attribute your campaign conversions to ad events, such as clicks or views. You can learn more about how enhanced conversions work.

To lean more about Google’s Enhanced conversion feature, you can read the following article: Google Ads

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~StoreSecured Team