Experiencing problem with UPS real-time rates

This is to inform you that we are currently experiencing problem with the realtime rates of UPS. Their API is throwing an error exception instead of returning realtime rates. We strongly recommend to our valued customers to setup custom shipping methods as a replacement of UPS rates so that your customers can complete the checkout process.

How to setup a custom shipping method OR Realtime Backup rate?
1. Go to Shipping > Methods > Add menu option

2. On this page, provide Shipping Method Name (Required)

3. Provide Display Name (Optional)

4. Under Calculated Shipping section, enter Flat Fee and other fees like Per Item Fee, Percentage of Weight Fee,
Percentage of Total Fee etc. according to your desire.

5. Check mark / Enable “Realtime Backup Rate” option (This option will setup a backup rate which would be a replacement of realtime rates.)

6. Don’t mark or check UPS, USPS, Fedex, and CanadaPost options.

7. Set any custom rules according to your desire such as Countries, States, Totals, Weights, Zip Codes, Number of Items for which this Shipping Method should be applicable etc.

8. Hit “Add this Shipping” button at bottom to save this realtime backup shipping method.

Note: The realtime backup shipping methods will be displayed when there is no Realtime shipping option is available to end user for checkout process.

Should you have any questions or concerns about setting up a custom shipping method, please contact us at support@storesecured.com or call us at (866) 324-2764