Preview Your Invisible Items on Your Website

StoreSecured has added a provision in software to preview invisible items on your website. Before this change it was not possible for merchants to preview invisible items on their online store/website.

How can you preview an invisible item?
Go to Inventory > Items > View/Edit menu option
Click at the “Edit” link for the invisible item you want to see the preview of.
On the Item edit screen, you will find “Preview Item” link. Click at this link and see the preview of your invisible item on your online website.

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For the customers that are still using the old layout of items pages, they have also been given this provision to preview an invisible item on their online store/website. They can preview items by clicking at “Preview Item” button on the edit screen of item:

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Please be noted, the invisible items will remain invisible for the visitors on your website.

Feel free to contact us at in case of any questions. You can also call us at our toll free number (866) 324-2764 for further inquiries.

StoreSecured Team
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