New Feature: Newsletter History

All stores now include the ability to view newsletter history, recipients and cancel the newsletter if it has not been sent.  In addition we have added the ability to use a copy of an old newsletter as a starting point for a new newsletter.


To view the newsletter history please visit Marketing–>Newsletter–>History

The most recent newsletters sent will be shown first.

Select the Recipients link to view a list of all recipients of the newsletter.

Select the Detail link to view the details of the newsletter including content, status, etc.

To use an existing newsletter as the basis for a new newsletter go to the Newsletter Detail page.  At the bottom of the page select the Copy Newsletter link.  This will pre-populate the newsletter send page with all of the details of the selected newsletter.


Because of the recent changes by Yahoo and Aol these addresses can no longer be used to send newsletters and can no longer be used as the from address.