AOL email policy changes to match Yahoo

Effective April 22, AOL has changed their email policy to tell other email servers if you see mail from a AOL user, but AOL didn’t send it, please do not deliver it.   This follows a similar change from Yahoo about a week ago.  Read more about the Yahoo change here.


What does this mean for you?

It means that you can NOT use a AOL email address as the contact email for your store.  If you do your email will not be accepted at over 90% of the worlds email servers.   If you are currently using an AOL email as your stores contact email this must be changed immediately.  If you are using one of the above as your contact email domain most of your email is being rejected as of a few days ago.


What do I need to do to fix this?

If you have a address as your stores contact email change it immediately.  You can use an email address matching your domain name or another free email service if you choose.  This can be changed/viewed at General–>Contact Us.   Please note that although you can potentially use a Gmail or Hotmail or other free email provider it is NOT recommended.  The general consensus is that soon those and other free providers will be restricting email sent just like Yahoo and AOL are now doing.


Can I send email to AOL users?

Yes, this does not impact sending TO AOL addresses, only sending FROM AOL addresses.


What domain names does this encompass?

So far, AOL, Yahoo, Ymail and Rocketmail.  The predication is that Gmail and Hotmail etc will soon follow suite so switching to another free email service is probably not a good idea.


Is this a StoreSecured issue?

No, this is a fundamental change to the way AOL and Yahoo email works.  It is impacting the entire internet and not just us.  We are seeing this as a fundamental shift in the way larger providers are working to stop spam.


Further Information and links to help explain the issue