New Beta Shipping Rules Added

How can I enable the new Beta shipping system?

  • To enable the new way of calculating shipping please go to Shipping–>Settings and check the box labelled New shipping system.
  • To enable the shipping estimator on the cart page please visit General–>Cart Settings and set the shipping estimator to be enabled. Please note that the estimator cannot be used with the old rates.
  • To setup your shipping rates please visit Shipping–>Methods–>View/Edit

What can I do with the new shipping tools that I could not do before?

  • Enable realtime shipping under certain rules, for instance only over a certain price or weight, or only for a certain country or zip code
  • Add fees on top of realtime rates, fees can be different for different rules
  • Enable shipping methods for customers in certain groups
  • Restrict different realtime rates under different rules
  • Enable different realtime shippers for different rules, ie UPS for certain rules and USPS for others
  • Setup shipping rules by state
  • Add an extra name onto the realtime shipping methods for clarity
  • Use different types of fees together, ie weight fee plus total fee plus percentage of item fees
  • Show customers estimated shipping rates and taxes on the view cart page

What does Beta mean?
Please note that this is a beta shipping system, meaning that it has passed initial testing. Since StoreSecured can’t possibly test the software under all possible conditions, it is reasonable to expect that wider use of the software may uncover problems that were not discovered during in-house testing. StoreSecured expects to be notified when users find such problems so that the program can be fixed before its official release to all users.

For those choosing to use and/or try out this system we would love to hear your feedback and any issues you encounter. You may turn on these new shipping methods and turn them off at anytime for your convenience. We have attempted to port over all stores existing shipping methods to give you a good start on the new system. However, since there are many differences in the old versus the new shipping system please make sure and go through all of your rules for the new shipping system that were auto-created before relying on them.

Important things to note
Insurance is not valid when using the new shipping system. The rules are flexible enough that everything that could be done before with insurance can now be done within shipping.

The shipping estimator can only be used with the new shipping system, it will not be displayed when using the old shipping rules.

When will everyone be switched over to the new system?
We expect to run the new Beta shipping system on a opt in basis for a period of several weeks. After the beta testing period all store owners will be given a notice of the upcoming switch to the new rate calculating method before the actual switch occurs.