3/28 Maintenance Update

Scheduled maintenance was completed as of 3/28/2009 at 1:30am PST.

At approximately 8:40am this morning we detected and corrected an error which had been occurring since the maintenance was completed. This error caused several orders between 1:30am and 8:30am PST processed by certain payment processors to not get completed correctly, ie the customer was charged but the order was not marked as completed. Please look at your gateway transactions during this period and manually mark any orders as completed and paid that were not done by the store.

Here is how to do this:
#1 Search for the order by its Order ID, it will probably be shown as abandoned.
#2 Go to the order details page for that order
#3 At the top of the page click on the link labelled, click here to manually complete the order
#4 When that is done refresh the page and then you can mark the order as verified and enter the verification id from your gateway if you would like

Now your orders are completed just as if the system had done it for you.

Alternatively if you would like us to update the orders for you please post a support request with a list of the order ids, and verification ids if you would like them entered. We would be happy to help you rectify this issue.

We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience, if you have any questions please dont hesitate to open a support request. As a special thankyou to all of our loyal customers and our way of saying we are sorry for this error we have doubled the amount of storage space offered to all customers moving forward.

Please also note that the beta shipping changes mentioned in the scheduled maintenance notice were held out of this release. We now anticipate releasing the beta test module for the new shipping system in approximately a week.