New variable OBJ_GTIN_OBJ has been introduced

We have added a new variable OBJ_GTIN_OBJ for displaying item’s Global Trade Item Number on your website. You can use OBJ_GTIN_OBJ variable in all or either of item’s layout (i.e. Small Layout, Detail Layout, Featured Layout, Express Ordering).

For adding this new variable to your items layout screen, go to Inventory > Items > Item Layout menu option and then go to the appropriate layout tab (i.e. Small Layout, Detail Layout, Featured Layout, Express Ordering) and then enter the OBJ_GTIN_OBJ variable at your desired location where you want to display GTIN on your website.

Note: For displaying a product’s GTIN on your website, your item must have a GTIN associated with it. For adding a GTIN for a product, you’ll have to edit that item and then add a value for GTIN under the Google Base section:

Feel free to reach out at in case of any questions.
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