Email Server Failure 2/13 2:00pm PST

2:55pm PST
The email server has been restored from the most recent backup file and all email accounts are now operating as normal. There was downtime of approximately 1 hour and any emails sent during that time will still be received.

**IMPORTANT** Please note that the last backup which we restored from was done at 11:00PM PST last night and all email accounts have been reverted to their status as of 11:00PM. Because we are now working off the backup please note that anything done between the last backup and 2pm is NOT visible. Ie emails sent were delivered as that action had already occurred. Emails that you had already opened to read between 11pm and 2pm will be shown again as unread. Most importantly, any email received during that period is no longer available. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that we know that this has caused, unfortunately the backup was about a half a day old. As is always the case, we will be reviewing what happened along with the backup policies and procedures to see if they can be improved for the future. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please direct them to

2:00pm PST
The email server is currently down.  We have experienced a hardware failure for the server where the email is hosted.  All email accounts are currently non-functioning.  While we are researching what has happened we have begun a restore from the most recent backup to create a new server and as soon as the backup is restored we will be restoring email service.  Further information will be posted once it is available.   At this time we expect approximately 1-2 hours restore time.

All other services are operating as normal.