New Features

We have added support for several new features, please see below for all of the details.

Added the ability to choose how rewards are accumulated and redeemed. For instance rewards should be calculated using subtotal, ie no shipping and taxes included when calculating the amount, or grand total, shipping and taxes are included when calculating the amount.
New settings are found under General–>Checkout Settings

Item Search
Added the ability to choose how the item search works, either a strict search meaning only items matching all search terms are returned or a loose search meaning items matching any search term are returned.
The new setting is available under General–>Item Settings. Old behavior was automatically loose search.

Item Packing Size and Units
Google’s feed service will soon require all items to include dimensions and units, ie length, height, width, cm, inches, pounds. To accommodate Google’s new requirements we have added fields on the item edit screens and item import/exports to define the items height, width and length.
The new settings to define the units of weight and size for items can be found under Shipping–>Settings.
The new fields for an individual items sizing can be found on the item edit screen, Inventory–>Items–>View/Edit and also as part of the item import/export.

**Important Alert**
Although we are now capturing the information for units and sizing this information will NOT be used for real time rates at this time. Real time shipping rates will work as they always have. Please note that calculating an entire shipping size is not as easy as adding up all of the dimensions of all items in the cart.

New template variable
• %OBJ_REWARDS_OBJ% = will show the customers current rewards balance on the template.