New Feature: Order Export Summary

All stores now include the ability to export order summary information.  This feature is in addition to the existing order detail export.  The order summary export will include 1 line per order with summary information for the order vs the order detail export which includes 1 line for each item in the order.


To export order summary information please visit Orders–>Search

Select the criteria for the orders you wish to export using the order search boxes.

Select the Export Summary button

The file will be created and then a link will be shown to download the file


We have attempted to keep the order summary export as close as possible to the specification for the order detail export for those who which to switch and/or use both.  All order summary type information from the order detail export has been kept in the same columns.


Columns in detail export and NOT in summary export

  • Item_id
  • Item_SKU
  • Item_Name
  • Additional Quantity


Columns ADDED to summary export

  • Shipping
  • Ship Weight
  • Taxes
  • Coupon
  • Gift Certificate
  • Sub total
  • IP Address
  • Referrer
  • Residential