Important Information for Maxmind MinFraud Users

If you are a StoreSecured merchant who is using the MaxMind Minfraud system please note that MaxMind will be discontinuing the use of the old Score field at the end of this year in favor of the newer Risk Score.  If you have not already done so please set your Risk Score rejection score within your store setup.  Note that the Risk Score has been present in our system for many years but most of our merchants are not yet using it.

Go to General–>Payments–>Fraud Control

Under the field Reject Risk Scores >= set your rejection score

Under the field Reject Fraud Scores >= set your score to 11 (to disregard)

Hit Save

Then go to your Maxmind account and make sure you are setup to use version 1.2

Please see this blog post from MaxMind for more information about the differences between score and risk score.

If you are not already using Maxmind I highly recommend it.  For only a few dollars a month it can help you decide the probability that an order is fraudulent.