Exchange ActiveSync Technology for Email

We need to hear from you.  We are currently reviewing our email software and considering upgrading and adding exchange active sync technology to our email offering.  We need to know if this is something that our merchants are interested in.  Please note that there would be an additional minimal yearly cost on a per mailbox basis for the use of this functionality (the additional cost would apply only to those inbox’s which request the service).

What is Exchange ActiveSync

Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync is the industry’s premier synchronization technology that uses push technology to ensure email, calendar items and contacts are automatically synchronized between the mail server and a variety of devices and applications, all in real time.


Interested, let us know…

If you are interested in this potential new offering please let us know by submitting a support request stating…

I am interested in Exchange ActiveSync for x mailboxes (where x is the number of mailboxes you would need it for)

We need a minimum level of interest from our merchants in order to pursue this further.