FTP Username change implemented

Per our previous blog post, the following FTP change is now implemented…

FTP Username Change

All FTP logins are now modified to use store ids instead of the old user name.

The remaining FTP changes announced at the previous blog post will be required starting March 25th.  We recommend upgrading your FTP setup as soon as possible along with the login change and not waiting until March 25th.

The March 25th changes will include:

FTP Password Strength

If your FTP Password does not meet the new strength requirements a notice will be shown in yellow at the top of your admin screen at login.  Click on that notice to update your FTP Password.  Note that FTP accounts with passwords that are not strong enough will be disabled on March 25th until the password meets the strength requirements.

Secure FTP Login Required

To switch from regular FTP to FTPS, update the port on your FTP software from 21 to 990 and for the encryption type choose require implicit FTP over TLS.   Port 21 will be closed on March 25th.  If you cannot connect using port 990 and have a firewall on your router or computer you may need to open up ports 990 and 50000 – 51000 to allow the secure connection to succeed.  Alternatively you can also use SFTP over port 22 if you are having trouble with FTPS.  SFTP is slower then FTPS but some ftp clients support it when they do not support FTPS.