New Features, Social Integration and Featured Item Changes

2 new features are now available

1) Social Integration for items, ie Facebook and Twitter

2 new variables are available in all types of item layouts

OBJ_FACEBOOK_LIKE_OBJ – Facebook LIKE Button (if enabled)
OBJ_TWITTER_TWEET_OBJ – Twitter TWEET Button (if enabled)

If inserted into your item layout and enabled these variables will show the appropriate Facebook and/or Twitter graphics for users to share items with their friends on the social networks.

Important Notes:

We have automatically inserted these variables into some of the default layouts and they will be added the next time you hit save on the Item Layout screen if you have selected a default layout.

To enable the Facebook and/or Twitter functionality you must enable it and choose your options from General–>Other Settings.

If using a custom item layout you will need to manually insert the appropriate variables where you would like the graphics to show.

2) Enhanced Functionality for Featured Item Layout

The featured item layout will now support the use of the following variables

OBJ_ACCESSORY_OBJ – Item accessories
OBJ_ATTRIBUTE – Select boxes for all item attributes (if any)
OBJ_ORDER_OBJ – Add to Cart button
OBJ_QTY_OBJ – Order quantity input box
OBJ_UD_OBJ – User defined fields (if any)

Previously these variables were not allowed in the featured item layout.