Changes to navigation bar editing

Editing of the pages/departments/links that comprise navigation button and/or navigation link bars is now done via the template edit page.  For instance to add a page to a navigation button bar you will go to the template edit screen and choose the navigation bar you want to edit instead of going to the edit screen for that page/department/link.  In addition new functions have been added to allow for automatically adding all top level departments to a button or link bar and an on screen preview of the buttons and links as changes are made.  Sorting all buttons/links etc in your navigation bars is now easier then ever, just use the arrow keys to move a button/link up or down in the list instead of having to use the individual view order.

In addition, we are slowly adding functionality for all stores to be able to use popout navigation for your departments.  This is an optional feature on each navigation button and link bar, if enabled, the popouts will automatically show subdepartments when the department button is hovered over.  If you do not yet have the popout functionality for your store and you are interested in using it right away please submit a support request asking for it and your store will be put at the front of the line to have this feature turned on.

Did my existing template change?

No, although editing of the nav buttons and links is done in a new area, your existing templates have NOT changed.  All pages/departments/links that were previously picked to go onto a particular navigation button or link bar are still be on that link/button bar.  The only thing that has changed is where you will go to edit that information moving forward.

How is this better than the old method?

There are many improvements however the most important is that many merchants choose to show all top level departments in a navigation bar.  Using the old method you would have to manually add each new department to the navigation bar as you add the department.  Using the new method you can choose a single option named All Top Level Departments, now all departments that you add will automatically be added to the navigation bar.

What other enhancements are there?

You can see a small preview of what the buttons/links will look like right on the screen before even hitting save.

You can make several changes to a single navigation bar it can all be done in a single place instead of having to visit multiple edit screens.

You can enable popouts automatically in your navigation buttons to show multiple department levels as popout menus, just check a box.

I’m not seeing these changes yet, why not?

A very small percentage of merchants have not been converted yet to the new system.  If you are still seeing the navigation edits in the old area, please note that you will be switched to the new system within the next 24-48 hours.  If you prefer to be switched right away please place a support request and you will be moved to the front of the line.

Full detailed instructions for changing navigation buttons and or links

  • Go to design–>template
  • Click on the edit link for the template to change
  • Click on the edit link for the navigation bar to change.
  • This will bring up the edit page for the navigation bar.
  • In the middle of the screen there is an area where you can pick the pages, departments, links etc that go onto that navigation bar. The left hand side is the list of all available pages and the right hand side is the list of the pages in that navigation bar.   They are shown in the order that they will be displayed.
  • Above the 2 boxes is a drop down box above to show either the pages, departments or the links.  Choose the appropriate selection.
  • To change the order click on the line for the page/department etc that you want to move and then use the up and down arrows to move it up or down in the list.
  • To add a new page/department find that page/department in the list, click on it then use the > button to add it to the list of selected pages/departments.  Or use the < button to remove a page from the selected box.
  • Do this as many times as needed until you have the list as you want it to display.
  • The order and pages displayed for the entire Navigation bar can be changed from this one screen all at the same time instead of having to move around to your different department/page edit screens.
  • Save your changes when you are done editing
  • Select the Preview Template link to see a preview of the newly changed template
  • Select the Apply Template link to apply the changes to the site.